Again, we will take a few moments to escape daily reality and read.

This month, the pictorial section contains pictures of a trip we took awhile back to Banff and Jasper, Alberta, Canada.

Be safe, - Bob

Pandemic Series 2 - July


This Page – Issue 5: Sunday, July 26, 2020 (227th Issue)

  • Two Poems : The Flow and Sunrise
  • Vignette: Another Installment
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Arhabasca Falls

Opening Comments from Bob

This Page: Besides the traditional content, the newsletter includes two poems, The Flow and Sunrise. The pictures were taken during a trip a few years to Banff National Park.The vignettet provides more wisdom from Deng Ming-Dao.

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A beautiful hotel in the mountains a few miles outside of Banff.

One of my favorite shots from the trip. One of the many lakes.

Two Poems

The Flow

Flowing, flowing
    the source that was forever
    that ever will be
In our veins
    in your steps
    with every breath
But there
    in the Song of Life

Deep, abiding love
    that raises the spirit
    beyond self
All encompassing
    all forgiving
Surely humanity’s
    greatest gift

The source    
    flowing, flowing
Come swim in the eternal
    the River of Being



Purple and reds meld together
    as the sun peaks above the horizon.
Apollo continues
    his endless journey
    started eons ago.
Far below, people rise
    ready or not to meet the day.


There is an abundance of wildlife.


Whenever I travel Canada, I always enjoy the abundance of flowers.


The Banff - Jasper Road

           Cascade Gardens in Banff. This picture appeared in Better Homes and Gardens.


Vignette this Month: 2nd Installment from the Writings of Deng Ming-Dao

"No matter how minor or how great, you must make choices each and every minute that passes. The irony of life is that it is a one-way journey. You cannot go back, you cannot make comparisons by trying one way and then another. . ."

The essence of life shall never be known by human beings as long as the person seeks to observe life like viewer and subject. The absolutely essential nature of life can only be clearheaded by merging fully with flow of life, so that one is utterly a part of it.

Immigrants travel from their native land for many reasons, but in general, they all involve expectations for a better life. For this, they will risk uncertainty, exploitation, discrimination, hostility, poverty, and sometimes even separation from family. Those who survive develop an inner fortitude and determination that sees them through their suffering,.

When parents demand without understanding, they thwart development. Forcing children to fulfill parental ambitions destroy individuality. Before parents blame their children, they should first look to how their daughters and sons were raised.


Bow Lake


Stay safe and healthy!

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A view near the highway


Columbia Icefield: This glacier currently loses depth at a rate of about 49 ft. per year and has receded more
than .9 of a mile and lost over half of its volume in the past 125 years.

Lake Louise

A ski area along the highway

Downtown Banff


Tai Chi Corner


Qigong has become part of the journey.
First came tail kwon do
    than yoga and tail chi,
    the latter still a passion,
Now, the ultimate complement,
    qigong joins my awareness.
There remains much to learn,
    to savor
    to digest.
A small voice led me here.
    “Seize the moment.
    Take a risk;
    Discover the wisdom.”
A decision made
    and now an awakening.

Comment: This poem was written when I had just returned from a qigong workshop. According to some, tail chi came from qigong. This ancient art focuses on breathing and health.


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