Again, we will take a few moments to escape daily reality and read.

This month, the pictorial section contain pictures from around Utah

Be safe, - Bob

Pandemic Series - June, 2020



  • Two Poems : Are We Welcomed? and Moments
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Opening Comments from Bob

This Page: Includes two poems, Are We Welcomed? and Moments. The pictures are from throughout the State of Utah.

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Two Poems

Are We Welcomed?

My skin is brown.
....... Am I welcomed?
I am poor.
....... Am I welcomed?
I will work hard.
....... Am I welcomed?
I don’t know the language.
....... Am I welcomed?
Do I have value?
....... Many think not.

How short the memories
....... of one's ancestors crossing the sea.
Italians and Irish, to name two,
....... stepped onto the shore
....... wishing to create a new life.
Like today,
....... many were greeted
....... with suspicion and hostility.
Ghettos often became their homes.
....... now mainstream.
How soon they forget.



Early morn facing the east
    eyes closed in quietness and peace.
Soon one senses the light
    as the sun peeks over the mountain.
With each passing moment
    warming rays stroke the face.
Can life be more glorious?








Vignette this Month: A Quotes from Deng Ming-Dao

Traditionally, I write a short paragraph or two on a topic. However, I so appreciated the below quote in a book I am reading that I decided it would be my vignette for the month. In my opinion, contained within these words are deep thoughts, even truth.

Everyone wants to be daring, creative, original. Everyone wants to do things in new ways. But unless we return over and over again to basics, we have no chance to truly soar. Do not forget the root. Without it, we can never issue forth true power.

Tradition is first. Mercy is greater than tradition. Wisdom is greater than mercy.

Those who consider their path superior are
....... condescending,
A parrot who speaks of the totality of the self
....... is absurd.
Many paths lead to the summit,
But it takes a whole body to get there.





Stay safe and healthy!

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Tai Chi Corner

Pictured on the computer screen during a ZOOM lesson is Dr. Paul Lam teaching
a move in Yang 24..Due to the pandemic, group in person lessons have ceased.
We discovered a new tool called ZOOM. We have been teaching Yang 24 using
Dr. Lam's online lessons along with my personal instructions. We have also made
use of YouTube.

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