This page's focus is on Maui during the month of February, 2017.


  • Three Poems: The Union, Makena Beach 2, and Pastor Paul
  • Vignette this Month: Thompson Road
  • Recommendations


A small uke group I enjoy playing with at Lahaina United Methodist Church.

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The last undeveloped beach on this part of Maui. Notice the lack of crowds. There is about a third more beach
behind this location shot.


Three Poems this Month

The Union

A meander along a worn path
      leads to a sacred place
      where the morning ritual commences.

First the warm ups
      then the dance begins
      under the shaded hau tree.
Over thirty minutes pass
      though the dancer is oblivious to time.
Somewhere amid the memories
      there is a sea of blue before the eyes
      and the sound of waves,
      soothing, transporting.
An ocean of air
      envelops the seeker
      caressing and welcoming.
Lost in the moments,
      the present,
      the dance of tai chi unfolds.
The infinite touches the soul
      as life is embraced
      in mysterious ways–
      beyond mortal words
      which only the soul
      and the Creator comprehend.

Comment: When one learns the form to the extent that thought plays a minor role, one enters the realm of the mystical. Be sure to view the accompanying video on the right.

Makena Beach 2

Endless blue-greens
      stretch seaward.
Soft sand
      massages the feet.
The waves
      roll across them.
Undeveloped, this beach
      represents old Maui
      before the invasion
      of $1200 a night hotels
      and second homes
      seldom visited.
But here,
      only the peace
      of rolling waves

Comment: A cursory read of this poem could make one think it is a mere "fluff" poem. But a deeper read will show there are two deeper thoughts hidden within the words. See if you can figure them out. If not, simply enjoy the images. Be sure to enjoy the two pictures of this beautiful beach found in this newsletter.


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Poet video on The Union (You can also view it on YouTube.)


Tai chi on an isolated part of Makena Beach


Mother and child enjoying a respite in an isolate tidal pool on Makena Beach.


Comment: The below poem is dedicated to a magnificent human being.

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Wailuku, Maui: Despite the weathering, I still appreciate the beauty of
this old Congregational church.

Vignette this Month: Thompson Road 4

This month, the vignette is not your traditional one. Instead, I take you on a short walk on a favorite one lane road in Upcountry Maui. This road is so beautiful that a world renown philanthropist built a house at one end of it. I love it for its quietness and tranquility. As you will see, the views are spectacular. This is the fourth video I have created of this special spot. Enjoy! (You can also view it on YouTube.)

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A quiet area often used by fishermen and kayakers

Another view of the same area, note the fisherman.

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Keolahou Hawaiian Congregational Church, Kihei, Maui: Every Thursday ukulele enthusiasts
gather to play. Nine years ago, Jarret Delos Santos started the 808 Uke Jam group to foster
Hawaiian heritage. The group has grown from a handful to 75-100 on a given night during the
winter months. In recent years hula practitioners have begun to play a crucial role. Many
come just to listen, sing, and watch. Most songs are sung in Hawaiian. An excellent immersion
into Hawaiian culture, and it is free! I love it! (You can also view it on YouTube.)


There are so many I could give over my dozens of visit to this island. Click here to read more.

A perennial rec is Monsoon India–delicious food and wonderful
views of the water and sunsets. For outstanding service be
sure to ask for Sheryl as your server. Under the leadership
of Hari Reddy this is the 5th year to recommend this restaurant.

Sala Dang Thai Cafe, Haiku, Maui: This neat little restaurant is located just as you come into the least visited town on Maui, Haiku. (You have to look closely for the TukTuk sign as it is not easy to spot.) The food is delicious–large servings. Good value for the money. The origin of the restaurant began with a food truck called Tuk Tuk Thai. Following its success, the restaurant came into being about three years ago. Food will be spiced according to your desires. This is my second recommendation for this restaurant.  

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Lahaina, Maui: The largest banyan tree in the world. It started as an 8 ft. transplant in this whaling village in 1871. It now covers over an acre. The dangling fibers are actually roots seeking to reach the ground and establish another trunk base. On Sundays, there is often an art fair below its limbs. (I took this pano pic in an effort to capture its size, note the multiple trunks that formed over the decades.)

Thompson Road, Upcountry, Maui: Those who have followed me over the years know that this is one of
my favorite walks on Maui. This one lane road offers spectacular views of the island.

A small inlet on west Maui beyond Lahaina. On bigger wave days you will also see surfers.

Rugged coastline on West Maui. The island of Lana'i is in the background.


I never tire of seeing this flower, Bird of Paradise


You can't close your final pictures on Maui without a sunset that started this newsletter.