Help Make The World A Better Place Contest

Sponsored by Poet Bob


In a small effort to improve the world and also have some fun, I am sponsoring an online contest. With the posting of a designated poem, interested participants will provide an answer to a question which may or may not be related to the poem. At the conclusion of the deadline, Bob will draw the name of the winner. That individual will select a charity from Bob’s list. A donation will be made on behalf of the winner. The amount will vary depending on the contest but never less than $25.

This contest is not to become a general discussion forum. It is for fun and positivity. However, Bob’s hopes his poetry provides thoughtful comments on life.


  1. Read the poem.
  2. Provide your answer on Facebook in the reply section to the question by the deadline date.
  3. Only one entry per contest allowed.
  4. If your name is drawn, provide the name of the charity you have selected from Bob’s list and agree to having your name or pseudonym listed on the Winners’ List.



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