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An Epic Journey transports the reader through many lifetimes including ancient Sumer to a setting beyond imagination. The journey includes deep passion, mystery, joy, tragedy, and horror beyond belief. A~ and Z~ had just consummated their lovemaking on an overlook of the Pacific. To their surprise and shock, a being suddenly stands before them–thus, begins their voyage to answer long hidden questions that will eventually change their destinies forever. The reader will ultimately decide whether the stories that unfold are fiction or not.

No matter what you determine, you will be caught up in the lives of A~ and Z~ as time unfolds before them. Do not take on the task of reading this book lightly for many of you will be changed forever.

Though the book is laid out in verse form, it will read easily like a traditional novel. You will soon be oblivious to the form and become engrossed in the lives of the two passionate lovers.

One critic wrote, "At the outset, I have to describe Epic as a wonderful piece of writing and an extraordinary reflection of broad vision by its creator. As a voracious consumer of science fiction and fantasy writing, I have never encountered this type of approach to story-telling that addresses meaningful questions about existence. The obvious historic research involved in unfolding stories across different cultures and eras is extensive and lends an air of credibility to the stories told. The interactions between two characters who feel to me as human as me . . . an entity best described as an angel . . . offers a useful vehicle for articulating life lessons illustrated in the life stories. . ."

Another reader stated, ". . . captivating . . . written with a uniqueness I have not read in another book."

Still another wrote, "The style of writing was excellent . . . The historical knowledge was enlightening on the different eras covered from chapter to chapter. This book keeps you guessing on what will happen next and how it will all end. A fascinating story!"

Bob Casey’s books and writings foster one major purpose, “To provide thoughtful comments on life.” This epic story continues that tradition.

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