Again, we will take a few moments to escape daily reality and read.

This month, we continue the pictures of a river cruise on the Rhine and Mosel, we took awhile back.

Be safe, - Bob

Pandemic Series 3 - August 2020



Lion of Lucerne

Opening Comments from Bob

This Issue: We are all going through an experience like never before in our lifetime. Take a break. Besides the traditional content, the newsletter includes two poems, Flowing and My Special Clock. The pictures were taken a few years ago when we traveled the Rhine and Mosel rivers. Enjoy the other treats.

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Beauty of the Alps

                  A few miles down the road.

Two Poems this Month


Flowing, flowing
    feel the river of life.
Smiling, smiling
    the warmth of being
    greets you
Loving, loving
    heals the soul
Light, light
    awaits like a beacon
Peace, peace
    the journey completes

Comments: Similar theme as last month's Flow.




My Special Clock

Being many decades old,
    who would have believed
    what simple joys
    a hand painted clock
    could bring me.

The little bird
    resting on its perch
    swings back and forth,
    silently tic tock.

Many hours
    spent at the computer
    writing and writing.
When a brief break is needed
    I peer at the little clock
    and smile before returning.

    I expect it
    to go “cuckoo.”

Comments: Clock is pictured to the right.



The bakeries in Europe are WONDERFUL!



I love my little clock (See rec below.)


The cathedral in Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne Bridge

View of Lucerne from the river.

Vignette this Month

Even though we are in a pandemic, we must maintain hope.


               A large hotel in Lucerne


A store I have loved visiting over the last decade. Since I nave moved westward, I purchase items via mail. My little clock was purchased here. Sally runs this small business. If interested, below is the contact information.

Sally Scimé, owner
Harmony Moon
“designs for serene living”
13 S. New Street
Staunton, VA 24401

Stay safe and healthy!

.........Please take a look at the gift page.

Another view of Lucerne

Many wedding is held at this ancient bridge in downtown Lucerne.

Cruising Lake Lucerne

  View 2

View 3

Quiet mountain lake

Swiss home along Lake Lucerne


Tai Chi Corner

I have been teaching classes online including Yang 24 and Sun 73. I have been using Dr. Lam's online lessons to assist
If you are interested in learning a beginning form, please email me. Improved balance, reduced falls, and
improved cognizant skills are a few of the benefits.


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