This issue is unique in the fact that the pictures deviate from my traditional ones. Being March in Utah, there is an abundance of white, often through the end of the month. Last month I shared a number of winter shots. Other than two snowy shots, I have tried another approach. I offer a series of close ups. See if you recognize them. I hope you enjoy.

Pandemic Series 10 - March, 2021


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VOLUME XX – Issue 2: Sunday, MARCH 28, 2021 (235th Issue)


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Opening Comments from Bob

This Issue: The first poem, Clocks of Time, is a bit lighthearted but also contains a serious message. Reflection takes a look at the seasons with an important message at the end. Under the vignette, we have an excerpt from my novel Zahin and Anoop written under my penname Leon Pashi.

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Additional decoration to an egg tree
The clear road with six inches of snow next door


All below are close ups. (My usual scenic pictures were not available. Thus, I went the opposite direction.)

Clocks of Time

Some measure
       the sands of time
       watching it slowly
       flow from the hourglass
       to the apex
       descending to time passed.

For others,
       the celebration
       of the wooden bird’s cuckoos
       mark the hour
       even as figures dance
       and the cobbler
       pounds away.

All embrace
       their chosen choices
       as the stroke of midnight calls.

Comment: A bit lighthearted on a serious topic.


The Window

Peering out,
       the buds of spring
       ache to open.
The sounds of insects
       welcome the growing warmth.
The window cracked
       just enough to hint of rebirth.

The refreshing breeze
       passes through the open window,
       cooling one on a humid summer day.
The flowers bloom
       as a whiffs of lavender
       captivate the senses.

Through the glass,
       the colors of fall explode.
Mesmerized, asking
       “Can such beauty exist?”

Frost covers the windows.
The Old Man has arrived.
Even within the house
       the dampness and chill
       are felt.

As with the seasons,
            one observes a myriad of beauty
            through the windows of life.


The clock plays for 53 seconds including the music.



Vaccination Time #2













Vignette: Excerpt from my novel Zahin and Anoop under the pen name Leon Pashi.

. . . To my shock, even a bit of fear, a set of documents formed as if out of nowhere. Beside the awe of this miracle type event, my second initial reaction dealt with their very ancient appearance. . .

Obviously, I was not only in shock but mystified. I began to question if this was an illusion but there on the ground were the parchments Aditya had described. Questions such as “Why me?” “What am I supposed to do?” “Are they safe?” On and on I pondered with few answers provided. Now, having no interest in the temple, I gathered the documents and headed back to the hotel. . .

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"If you want to take care of tomorrow, take better care of today." - Dainin Katagiri

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