Again, we will take a few moments to escape daily reality and read.

This month, we continue the pictures of a river cruise on the Rhine and Mosel, we took awhile back.

Be safe, - Bob

Pandemic Series 4 - September, 2020

  • Opening Comments from Bob
  • Two Poems: Culmination and Haiku 2
  • Vignette: Brandon Leake
  • Recommendation


Downtown Luxemburg City

Opening Comments from Bob

This Page: Due to the COVID, I have not been going out and taking a lot of pics. Hence, I am using some from the past.
These were taken while on a river cruise on the Rhine and Mosel in Europe. The newsletter includes two poems, Culmination, a review of life, and Haiku 2, three short examples
. The vignette focuses on Brandon Leake's poetry performed on America's Got Talent.

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Village of Riquewihr: Just outside a small French village during the wine harvest.

                  Main Street in the French Village of Riquewihr.

Two Poems this Month


Oh, glorious journey
    the walk has been a pleasure.
Yes, like all,
    pain has visited,
    sometimes too frequently.
Love has surrounded me,
    becoming my dearest companion.
As a young man
    I yearned for greatness,
    honors, and recognition.
In the end,    
    they were not my destiny.
Though I have often faltered,
    I sorrow not.
For what else can one ask
    but be surrounded
    by family, friends, respect,
    and a sense of worth.
I live satisfied and complete.

Comments: Some personal thoughts on life.




Haiku 2

A forest stands alone
No one lies on the pine bed
Trees remembering smile

The rose blossoming
Opening to the sunlight’s warmth
Awaiting a new day

He stands awaiting
Arms and soul outstretched to her
What path will she walk

Comments: While I don't write many haiku poems, I thought you might enjoy these three.



Stumbling Stones, Germany: On the cobblestone walks of   Koblenz and other German cities, "stumbling stones," 4 x 4 inch engraved brass blocks, are appearing. These slightly   raised blocks catch the attention of walkers. Each block     commemorates by listing the first  and last name of a Jew and the members of the family who perished in the Holocaust. It is an effort to warn that this genocide not be forgotten.



Alps: One of the trams that transports skiers, tourists, and hotel
guests up the mountain.


Another view from the small French Village of Riquewihr

View taken from the resort/ski area located in the area of the Three Peaks, the Eiger, Monch, and Jung mountains. Note one of the trams far below.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame-Luxembourg: Almost every city of any size has a cathedral. I found this one especially beautiful. The cornerstone was laid in 1631 and completed 8 years later,

Vignette this Month

This month's vignette differs from previous ones. I heard on America's Got Talent a poet perform a deeply touching, thought provoking presentation. I decided to share it with you, just in case you hadn't seen it. Click on the link to hear and see Brandon Leake perform: (Persevere through the ad.)


               Luxembourg: For some reason this small country really intrigued me. I even considered spending a summer
               there, using it as a base to explore Europe.


Stay safe and healthy!

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Pfalzgrafenstein Castle on the Rhine in Germany: It was constructed from 1326 to 1327. Note the vineyards
on the hillside. They go on for miles.

The Mosel River flows through France, Luxembourg, and Germany. It is a left tributary of the Rhine.
Vineyards for miles.

At port stop along the Mosel River. We spent several hours walking around this small village including enjoying
a pastry or two.

  View taken from a canal boat while cruising Strasbourg, France

From high on a hill looking down on a small village next to the Mosel River

Trier is a southwestern German city in the Moselle wine region, near the Luxembourg border. It was originally
      settled by the Romans and is considered the oldest city in Germany. (Picture was taken near the edge of the city.)

The castle, once a protector of Antwerp, now a museum

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