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Bob Casey is a poet, writer, educator, speaker, tai chi instructor, and presenter.  More importantly, he is a seeker.  He sees life as an adventurous journey with innumerable lessons to be learned along the way.  From everyday experiences to the special life-changing ones–all impact who we are as well as the person we are becoming.  His poetry and writing often focus on these life events.

A scene from Maui,
a favorite place to visit

He spent much of his professional life in Ohio as an educator, consultant, and now a professional writer.  He has sailed, cycled, hiked, and traveled extensively throughout the world.  A favorite memory is the year spent in New Zealand on a teaching Fulbright.  Later, his first book, The Wanderer: A Poetical Journey, published in 2002 focused on his around the world trip and the insights gained.  His second book, Wisdom from the Journey, published in 2004, was a compilation of poems, vignettes, and recommendations from the Poetical Journal, an Internet newsletter that is published monthly for subscribers residing in countries throughout the world.  His third book, An Oasis in a Cluttered World, published in 2006, continues to reflect on poems, vignettes, and stories that were included in the Poetical Journal. His work also appears in A Slice from the Apple with the Taste of Poetry, an anthology of poems written by members of the Apple Valley Poets, a very talented group that he helped form almost twelve years ago. His last book, A Respite in Time published in 2012, is a series of vignettes, most only one or two pages in length that provide thoughtful comments on life. Bob has had numerous poems and articles published in anthologies and magazines. His poem, A Community that Cares, is buried in a time capsule to be opened in 2107. His photographs appeared in a book that won international acclaim.

He recently completed his trilogy that speak to critical issues that impact every human. Each book takes you on a fascinating journey. Here is the main link to all Bob's books. https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00IVB4LFU Below are three links to my individual novels.

To the End of Time and Back: An Epic Journey

What's Next?: An Epic Journey (Volume 2)

Adelyn: An Epic Journey (Book 3)

“Poet Bob,” as his car license plate declares, is a past-president of the Ohio Poetry Association.  This position allowed him to interact with some of the nation’s top poets.  As mentioned above, he is also one of the founding members of the Apple Valley Poets, a small group of outstanding poets residing in north central Ohio.

His many other interests include yoga, tai chi (instructor of Tai Chi for Health), photography, wine collecting, ukulele jams, and reading.  He currently resides in Midway, Utah. 

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