This page's focus is on my recent trip to Idaho and Oregon. This is Part 1 of that trip.

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A picture from the successful book signing on Saturday, June 25, at Re BOOK. David Riggs joined me in the signing.

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Two Poems: Now and The Slate

Vignette: Exploring




    Powell's, Portland, one of the largest bookstores in the world, over a million books available

Opening Comments from Bob

This Page: We recently traveled the Northwest including Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. The focus this month is on Idaho and Oregon. Next month will be on Washington State. The two poems, Now and The Slate, focus on more serious ideas. The vignette discusses exploring.

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Echo Reservoir near the I-80 & I-84 intersection

Snake River Gorge, Twin Falls, IA


.Two Poems this Month


The roads traveled
      are sometimes straight–
      others filled with hairpin curves.
The views fade
      into vestiges of our past.

Where they lead
      remain unknown.
Only of the now
      are we aware.

Senseless time spent
      worrying about this and that.
Why not delight
      in what we have?
Wrap our arms around
      this moment, our treasure

Comment: None needed.

The Slate

All would enjoy continual days
      of wine and roses
      where life is flowing perfectly,
      and we are on a high
      which no drug could compete.

Sadly, life rations
      these everlasting moments.
Instead, we must deal
      with the lows
      that cause our hearts to ache
      and generate frustrations
      that make us want to scream.
Alas, we cannot run
      to escape
      for they are part of us.

Our hope is that the perfect days
      will return more often
      as we transcribe the slate
      that describes
      our daily lives.

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Enjoying the Portland Rose Garden


Jake's, Portland's oldest seafood restaurant


Crossing into Washington from Oregon (much more next month)



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Of course being the month of the U.S. 4th of July celebration, we needed at least one fireworks shot.
Columbia River in Oregon. Picture was taken just outside of the River Lodge.

Vignette this Month: Exploring

How do you view life? For me, it is exploring, sometimes taking roads well-traveled and other times less traveled. Allow me to use the analogy of a recent trip we took in exploring the Northwest of our beautiful country. For speed and distance we initially took the interstates, I-80 and then I-84. The drive was beautiful as the miles flashed by. Once in Oregon we chose to travel a portion of old US-30. Suddenly, time slowed down as well as distance covered. The switchbacks required speeds of less than 15 mph versus 75 and 80 mph. Yet, the beauty that unfolded before us including crashing waterfalls and majestic views made one forget about traveling miles and instead focus on one of the reasons for the trip, exploring majestic beauty. Isn't life like that? Traveling the roads less traveled offer many challenges and sometimes trying situations. However, I have found that they are often worth it from the rewards one receives in enriching life from the mundane to a journey far more spectacular. Alas, for my personal survival I choose to travel both types of roads but usually receive the most joy from the one where speed slows down and savoring occurs. What about you?

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.............................................Columbia River Gorge taken off of old Rt. 30


River Lodge in Boardman, OR: This renovated lodge at a bargain price is worth an overnight, especially for the view. While the service in the restaurant was rather slow, the food was excellent.

Much to recommend on the drive to and in Portland! Here are just a few: Take old Rt.30 in Oregon; visit Powell's Bookstore; enjoy the seafood–Jake's downtown is excellent; and enjoy Blue Star Donuts (pictured below)–the best I have ever devoured. (Jake's, Powell's, and Blue Star are within a block of each other.)


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Scenes taken from the Japanese Garden in Portland


The vast farming regions along the Idaho and Oregon section of I-84.

There are a number of falls along old Rt. 30 in OR. Pictured is Multnomah Falls

Collage from the Portland Rose Garden.


Below are additional pictures from the Portland Rose Garden


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-...Oregon 2002

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