Some say that Cannon Beach is
......a place on the Oregon shore.
I rejoin that it is a secret place,
......within the mind –
......where one flies kites
......and dreams of freer times.
Rock sculptures
......rise like ancient Titans
......from the ocean.
Walking and feeling
......the smooth ocean shaped
......grains of sand
......against the soles of the feet thoughts long hidden.
One early morn,
......sensing that this moment the Creator's special personal gift
I sigh,
......"Ah, Cannon Beach, your waves
......have left their imprints on my soul"

Comments: In the Fall of 1994 a business cohort-friend and I were on a business trip to Portland,
Oregon. On the last day we decided to explore a bit of northwestern Oregon on our return to the
Seattle airport for our next day departure. Upon arriving on the coast, the first community we
pulled into was Cannon Beach. I was immediately in awe of the beauty of this location and told
him that I would someday return with my family. My family and I returned during June,
1999. The beach and surrounding scenery were just as beautiful as I remembered. The whole
Oregon Coast can mesmerize you. However, Cannon Beach will always have a special place in
my memory.

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