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My third novel Adelyn: An Epic Journey in the Epic Journeys Trilogy IS AVAILABLE on Amazon. (Above is a 65 second clip about the book.) It will take you on quite a journey! Though the third book of a trilogy, it is also a standalone novel.

One reader from Ohio wrote: In his book, Adelyn: An Epic Journey, Bob navigates the reader through a challenging journey in the time space continuum while exposing both the weaknesses and strengths of humanity. As Adelyn is exposed to the infinite love of The Source, the reader is challenged to understand how personal beliefs and actions often have more to do with cultural rather than spiritual influences. In a time and world filled with political anger and personal indulgences reading Adelyn offers the open-minded promise. It would make a great book study.


My first two books of the trilogy, To the End of Time and Back: An Epic Journey, and the sequel, What's Next~An Epic Journey can be purchased through Amazon by clicking here. (Scroll to the correct title.) Your local bookstore can also order them for you. All these books are fine reads for the broad-minded and/or the spiritual seeker. What a reading adventure you will have including many diverse ideas, a beautiful love story, adventure, and intrigue. (All three are also available in Kindle version.)

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Click here to link to a YouTube radio interview about To the End of Time and Back. (Friend David Riggs produced it for me. To link to his book, click here.)

A number of individuals have sent wonderful reviews on the first two books. You can read some of them in the Forum Section below.



...............Colors on Empire Pass near Midway

Opening Comments from Bob

This Page: Pictures of fall in Midway and travels through the Bend, Oregon area abound. I traveled to Bend to take a tai chi course on Yang 24 from world renowned tai chi master Dr. Paul Lam.

Besides the usual format, there is also a Thanksgiving Bonus Page of Fall colors in Provo Canyon, UT. Click here to view.

The two poems this month are Inward and Insignificant which I hope you find thought provoking. The vignette relates to a recent holiday celebrate in the U.S.

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Colors in Lime Canyon in Midway, UT

Two Poems this Month


Almost 130 million light years* away a nearby galaxy,
......two neutron stars collided
......dispersing more energy than our sun
......since the beginning of time
......along with showering the universe
......with 200 earth masses of gold.
A small ripple is felt here
......despite the unfathomable distance.
Who says, “We are not connected.”

Despite this monumental event,
......I still worry about this and that.
My insignificance still seems significant.

* 64,221,298,513,869.005011 miles

Comments: I was fascinated with this stellar event which occurred last month. Here is some additional information. A single teaspoon of a neutron star could weigh a billion tons. A blast of gamma rays from such an entity, despite the incredible distance, could wipe out all life in its path, including Earth. This particular blast bypassed us.


As the tai chi movements flow
......with a focus on smoothness
......and stability,
......the cares of the day
......begin to fade.
Soon the ocean of air
......assumes shape,
......caressing arms and feet flow.
In rare moments too disappears one dwells inward
......oblivious to all around,
......lost for moments the vortex of time.
No matter which journey
......the dancer travels, returns
......revitalized and refreshed.

Comment: I recently attended a tai chi workshop in Bend with Dr. Paul Lam. As I thought about my tai chi journey of over 20 years, this poem evolved. I also realized the gift it has been to my life.


Another shot taken on Empire Pass

Taken in Lime Canyon

As I was taking pictures of the beautiful park in downtown Bend, this gentleman walked by. Halloween is a major celebration in the Bend area.


                Fall colors in full glory above the golf course at the state park on the outskirts of Midway.

A favorite place to visit in the summer, even has sand beaches! We enjoyed the quiet time of fall. Clockwise from the top:
crossing on the causeway; view from the ranch, one of the oldest in Utah; the island is along a huge migratory flyway for
birds; and a herd of buffalo which roam freely on the island. As you would expect from the name, there are also antelope.
The area is part of the Great Salt Lake on the edge of Salt Lake City..

Vignette this Month: Thanksgiving 2017

For my foreign subscribers, we recently celebrated Thanksgiving. How does one write about this holiday without repeating frequently used phrases such as We have so much for which to be thankful.? Over the decades millions of words have extolled the importance of being grateful.   Family, health, freedom, and life's abundance are only a few often mentioned.  Many trace this desire to express gratitude through their religious heritage while others simply feel a moral obligation. Yet, we also recognize that many suffer due to poverty, oppression, and tragedies. As I write, I think of a subscriber in a foreign land who is experiencing such oppression. My heart goes out to that wonderful human being and the person's family.  

For my family, we spent the day together feasting and giving thanks. A special moment for me was watching our two granddaughters enjoying life. We also took a moment to send out love to those in need. In some ways, that seemed like a feeble effort but perhaps if enough of us do that we can change the world.

I will close by simply saying, "I am so thankful for the gift of life and age and for you, my loyal readers."

My morning wake-up view in Redmond, Oregon, a few miles from Bend.

Below: Taking the back road into Bend from Redmond, a view of one of the Three Sisters
(3 mtns. interlocked), appears dead ahead.


Broken Top (far left) and the Three Sisters (Faith, Hope, and Charity)



Cafe Sintra in Sunriver, OR: An accidental discovery! I have never had
Portuguese food before but definitely want to experience it again.
The soup and food were incredible. We were going to share a
dessert but quickly changed our minds. We ordered two more
to go, one for each of us. This place was a delectable find. We
only wished we could have returned again


Wild Rose Cafe downtown Bend, OR: This is an extremely popular Thai Restaurant. My son Craig recommended it as a favorite of his and his friends.
It is definitely worth a stop. The servers are more that happy to adjust the spice heat level according to your tastes.

Please take a look at the gift page.


Rt. 20 to Bend, OR: I loved the contrast of the red barn against the backdrop of two of the Sisters so much
I did a U turn and went back for the shot.

Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway: Gorgeous scenery! Mt. Bachelor rose into view as one topped the hill.

I took this panorama shot near the top of the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway..

Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway: One of the beauty's of this drive is the abundance of small lakes created
by volcanic eruptions eons ago and fed by a huge watershed from the snows. Due to the snow and
lack of four wheel drive, we could not drive back into many of them but were able to visit two.
Pictured is Devil's Lake.

Elk Lake, just another of many on this scenic byway

This Cascade Lake watershed was originally created thousands of years ago by volcanic eruptions that
now capture the winter snows.

If you haven't already done so, click here to view some additional astounding fall shots in Utah.
A Thanksgiving gift to you.


Pictured above and below: Downtown Bend has one of prettiest parks I have ever seen. We saw parents
bringing their children and rakes to rake piles of leaves and have their kids jump into them.




Just outside of Bend–this museum provides a comprehensive look at the history and the current fauna and flora of the area. A number of animals are visible along with sculptures.

As many of you know, I teach tai chi. My students are really my friends and provide me with many hours of enjoyment, which I treasure. I long ago discovered that food and dining together builds bonds and relationships. At least twice a year my classes come together to celebrate. Pictured below are some of my students who joined me in our Thanksgiving Chinese Feast.

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