This page has a potpourri pictures from the Lake Erie area of Vermillion, OH to North Carolina.

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A couple enjoying the sunset along Lake Erie in Vermillion, OH

Opening Comments from Bob

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This Issue: This page has a variety of pictorial themes. We start with two pictures completing our trip to New Mexico. (That trip was covered in the previous to PJ issues.) The second contain pictures of my travels to Vermillion, OH, along Lake Erie. While there, I stayed with my close friend, Dr. Pat. A few of you may remember him when he joined me for a portion of my around the world trip in 2001. The final pictorial section is on the Asheville area of North Carolina where I attended Dr. Paul Lam's annual tai chi conference. Of course there are poems! In the Tube is the more serious of the two. A Fresh Start is a bit more lighthearted.

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Last month, we pictorially traveled to New Mexico. This issue contain two pictures from that trip. The ones above
and the second, further down.

Two Poems this Month

In the Tube

A young woman,
    early in her life’s journey,
    sits nodding off
    and jerking awake.
An Indiana Jones style hat
    rests on her knee.
Out of habit she reaches up
    twisting hair
    into a thin braid
    then unraveling
    starting over again.

Farther up,
    a business man
    with receding hairline,
    pecks away at his computer
    ignoring the talkers beside him.
He, much further
    on his journey.

These two anonymous souls
    are strangers
    yet both undoubtedly seek
    the same,
    the happiness that one longs for.

Comments: I enjoy observing people on planes and in airports. Many a poem has evolved from these observations. As one interprets happiness, seeking it I believe is a universal

A Fresh Start

Wednesdays must be
    a slow travel day.
The usual lines of people,
    some scurrying
    others meandering
    have disappeared
    into a smattering
    here and there.
Perhaps the sun’s rise
    mere hours ago
    inspired this dearth of crowds.

As I stroll,
    an empty gate beckons
    to do my morning dance of tai chi.
Shamelessly, I accept
    the invitation.
A fine start
    for a long day of travel.

Comment: When you get to be my age, you don't worry about going into a quiet corner and practicing along with healing the soul. Almost every airport I have flown into has a place to do the dance of tai chi.


A few of the boutique type shops in downtown Vermillion, OH.


Sun setting over the wetlands near the large Vermillion pier.


Looking back toward the walkway entrance to the Vanderbilt Mansion


We returned to Utah and then two quick trips to Ohio, one to attend two tai chi workshops
and a ski patrol reunion and the second to celebrate Mom's 94th and my birthday.


Vermillion, Ohio is a beautiful resort community along the shores of Lake Erie. It has a number of canals
which host upscale homes.


Now, on to North Carolina and the Asheville area

Asheville, NC is one neat city! I especially enjoyed viewing the varied architecture and old mansions that exist
throughout the city. The Gray Line Trolley was a wonderful way to gain a quick overview. Two drivers,
Matt and Ed, were especially knowledgeable and humorous.

If you enjoy street musicians, you have come to the right place.


Gray Line Trolley tour: To obtain and overview of Asheville, enjoy its tour. Ed and Matt are wonderful tour guides.

Asheville and Area Restaurants

Laughing Seed Cafe, Asheville, NC: There are hundreds of restaurants from which to choose. I am suggesting one in the city. Even though it is vegetarian and vegan, there are many options that I believe meat eaters will also enjoy.

A few miles outside of Asheville in the resort community of Black Mountain
is a small restaurant Thai Basil. Our group had a wonderful meal there.

Our Ohio friends, Jan, and I took a Wednesday evening break
from the tai chi conference to enjoy a Thai meal at a local restaurant.

Please take a look at the online book and gift pages.

..........................When many think of Asheville, they think of the Biltmore Estate. Pictured is the front view.

Peering out from the mansion, you see the vast lands that were once owned by the Vanderbilts–
all you see including the first mountain.

Correction: In the picture above Family and Formal dining rooms should be reversed.



Pictured is a small portion of the Blue Ridge YMCA Assembly located in Black Mountain, NC. In this beautiful
setting we enjoyed Dr. Paul Lam's annual workshop. If you love tai chi or think you want to learn more
definitely mark your calendar for his next one in the Portland, OR area in early June, 2018. You won't
be disappointed. Click here to view Dr. Lam's current workshops.

This stately building is where I spent an intensive week training in tai chi push-hands.

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