Pictorially, we return to my home state of Ohio.


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This was PJ VOLUME XXIII – Issue 5: Sunday, June 25, 2023 (262nd Issue)


In early June, I had a tai chi conference at Mt. Saint Joseph University in Cincinnati. Much to our surprise the GPS took uson a unique route from the Cincy Airport (located in Kentucky) to our destination. It guided us to a small ferry which crossed the Ohio River, saving us 30 minutes of heavy traffic. We loved the experience.

...Opening Comments from Bob

This Page: The pictorial section of the issue focuses on our return visit to Ohio. We again enjoyed the beauty of Kingwood Gardens in Mansfield. An added treat was the Lego displays amidst the floral ones. We also spent a day along Lake Erie and visited Johnston Island, a Confederate prison camp during the Civil War. Part of the day was spent in the artistic community of Yellow Springs where we visited friends Jim and Bonnie. There are three new poems, A Tea Lesson, Birthday 79, and Salt Lake City Airport.

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A fun place to visit and shop. The city was originally known as the home of Antioch College until it closed.
However, through the efforts to alumni it has since reopened.

All the floral and Lego displays in this issue were taken at Kingwood Gardens.

Three Poems

Comment: Though I enjoy a good cup of tea, this poem speaks to a much deeper topic.

Comment: As announced last month I celebrated my birthday. It is always a time of reflection
for me

Comment: The long awaited new SLC airport is open. However, many complain about the long walks
to the gates. It will be several years before the shuttle is done.

Over 39,000 Legos used requiring over 425 hours to build.



Every time I go back to Ohio, I try to dine at Jolly Roger's Seafood House in Port Clinton (on the shores of Lake Erie). It is a perch lover's dream. Like everywhere, the prices have gone up but definitely worth the treat.

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The gardens also have live peacocks. Over 68,000 Legos used to create this piece.

Close to 38,000 Legos used.

The original mansion is in the background.


Vignette this Month

Johnson's Island, Lake Erie


(I wrote a vignette about Johnston Island many years ago but thought you might enjoy reading about it again.)

"It is a 300-acre island in Sandusky Bay, located on the coast of Lake Erie, 3 miles from the city of Sandusky, Ohio. It was the site of a prisoner-of-war camp for Confederate officers captured during the American Civil War. Initially, Johnson's Island was the only Union prison exclusively for Confederate officers but eventually held privates, political prisoners, persons sentenced to court martial and spies. Civilians who were arrested as guerrillas, or bushwhackers, were also imprisoned on the island. During its three years of operation, more than 15,000 men were incarcerated there. About 200 prisoners died as a result of the harsh Ohio winters, food and fuel shortages, and disease. Johnson's Island had one of the lowest mortality rates of any Civil War prison. Confederates made many escape attempts, including efforts by some to walk across the frozen Lake Erie to freedom in Canada." Excerpted from Wikipedia (Top picture: some of the grave sites for prisoners who died there.

An interesting piece of lore follows the history of this Confederate prison camp. It is the only one where a baby was born. One of the Confederate prisoners was a female who had disguised herself as a male and enlisted. Supposedly, one of the guards discovered the ruse, and they fell in love. The prisoner later became pregnant and a baby was born while the woman was incarcerated. After the war, the family remained together.

Today, besides the memorial, the small island hosts many multi-million dollar homes plus the yachts that are often docked in front of the homes. (Pictured is one of the less extravagant mansions.)




Tai Chi Corner

Recently certified new Utah tai chi trainers (To my lf. is my wife
Janice who assisted and to my rt. is Master Trainer Patricia Lawson,
workshop leader.

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