This was the header for Issue 119 which focused on Park City, Utah

The pictures in this issue were taken in the Park City, Utah area

Opening Comments from Bob

Enjoy Pictures of Park City, Utah Area: In early July, 2011, we traveled west to Park City, an old mining town that is now an upscale resort area. Our son Craig and his wife were moving there. Since then, we have made subsequent visits. Enjoy the many pictures and comments below. Go to the other links to see more spectacular shots.

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Sstore.......Picturesque Store Fronts in Park City, Utah...

Bus terminal - great option to get around the sometimes
very busy streets. Even better, the bus fares are FREE.
Plenty of Harleys in the summer touring the area
Some very high class cars are seen.
Row of store fronts in the historic downtown of Park City
Main Street in the historic section of Park City, UT

Recreational Summer Options at the Park City Ski Resort

Enjoy eating indoors or outdoors (It was too early to eat
when this picture was taken.)
Stay at the Marriot
On a zipline run
Riding the chairlift for the view
Heading up the Coaster Racer for a thrill ride down
Getting harnessed for the zipline
Visit the Olympic Village
Ski jump area (If you arrive at the right time, you can watch
Olympic hopefuls practicing, landing in the pool below.)

Vignette: A Cross-country Trek

Mountains and the seashore are two of my favorite areas to visit. Actually, I would probably move to such a location immediately if circumstances allowed. Instead, my son Craig and his wife Nicole beat me to the punch. They are residing and working in Park City, Utah, an old mining town that has gone upscale with a premier ski resort within the city limits and several others a mere few miles away. During the summer the area turns into a mecca for outdoor tourism including mountain and road biking. Both of these sports are provided stellar countryside to explore.

In early July, Jan and I made the three-hour flight to visit. (Craig has lived in Park City since April, and Nicole was due to arrive in a few days to assume a job at a local medical clinic. The long-distance separation spanning half a continent will come to a blessed end.)

For readers who have experienced such a move, there are many adventures involved. One that had us, Mom and Dad, most excited and nervous was the trip, using U Haul’s largest truck, from southern Maryland to their new residence in Park City. Craig flew to his home in Maryland on June 29, helped pack the truck to the roof, and left some items behind due to lack of truck space. On the 1st, Craig drove the truck to Ohio to pick up co-driver Uncle Harvey. On the 2nd, mid morning, they began the 1,800+ mile trip that lasted 33 hours with very few stops. For Craig and Harvey, the trip was a memorable adventure including a night two-hour detour in Iowa due to flooded roads, the front truck dash being hit by stray fireworks, and plenty of friendly conversations and laughs. For his parents, we tracked the cross-country adventure via Latitude (phone software that provides GPS locations of another person) on my cell phone. However, seeing the truck rumbling down I-80 to the final exit was a great joy. We waited on the side of the road to the new rental home and then followed the U-Haul to its unloading point. Obviously, many hugs and pictures were exchanged, as well as quiet thanks for a safe journey.

The 4th of July became even more special as we celebrated with Craig and Harvey. Later that week, Nicole began her own adventure as she left her parents in Ohio on the 5th and traveled with her sister to Park City, arriving on the 7th.

As you read this vignette, the couple are united again. Plus, I am already planning more trips to a specific mountain area. Who knows, we may even stay there for extended periods. My youthful dreams may yet happen.

Craig directs the backing truck in the tight driveway to unload Uncle Harvey and Craig - truck loaded to the hilt

Both pictures taken in Big Cottonwood Canyon (Yes, there is still snow. The ridge road was still not open to Park City.)

More pictures taken in Big Cottonwood Canyon

View behind Silver Fork Lodge

Summer view from a Park City Ski Area ski lift

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