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Pictures on this page were taken on the road to Jasper, AB.

Lf.: Bow Lake

Opening Comments from Bob

Traveling the Icefields Parkway & Pumpkin Glow (from my newsletter, the Poetical Journal): Last month, the web version showed extensive pictures of the Banff and Lake Louise areas in Alberta, Canada.  This issue will focus on the Icefields Parkway that takes you pass Bow Lake and the Columbia Icefields to Jasper.  As you move north, the wilderness increases with fewer places to obtain gas and supplies.  But the scenery is no less spectacular. 

Typical small mountain lake
On the road to Mt. Edith Cavell
Columbia Icefields
Typical scene along the Icefields Parkway
Athabasca Falls
Sunwapta Falls
Another picture of Bow Lake
Run off from Athabasca Falls


  • On the Road to Jasper: As stated last month, if you have the opportunity, I encourage you to visit Banff and Jasper National Parks in Alberta.  Some world travelers claim the drive through the area to be the most beautiful in the world.  The cost is approximately $20 U.S. per car per day.  If you are traveling from the U.S. expect to pay more for hotels and food as the Canadian dollar currently is almost 1/1 with the U.S. one.  The suggestions below are for the Icefields Parkway that takes you to Jasper, AB.  (Last month I listed suggestions for the Banff and Lake Louise areas.)
  • Some Must Sees:  The must sees on this section of the trip are not manmade but Creator made.  They include Bow Lake (you can obtain food at the lodge and small grocery); Columbia Icefields (worth a definite stop to visit the reception area and tour the glacier); Athabasca Falls; Sunwapta Pass and Falls; and the road up to the base of Mt. Edith Cavell.  The Village of Jasper is also worth a visit.

  • The Village of Jasper: There are many places to stay.  Sadly, the motel where we stayed did not make my recommendation list.  However, there are two dining places, I believe are worthy of suggesting.  For a scrumptious daily breakfast buffet, try Tonquin Prime Rib Village, friendly service and a wide selection of well-prepared food to start your day.  The Bear's Paw Bakery is a delight to visit.  Its fame has spread, recognizable by the line you will have to wait in.  But service is fast and the goodies, worth your wait.  You can also purchase your picnic lunch to enjoy at a roadside table surrounded by mountains.  As one reviewer wrote, "It is a close to a German bakery as you get outside of Germany."

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Downtown Jasper
Main shopping street in Jasper

Falls a few feet from the highway

Along the Bow River

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