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To the left was the header for PJ Issue 95
The pictures are from
the Lake Tahoe area

Poetry and Recommendations

Downtown Truckee, CA

Opening Comments from Bob - Busy in Exciting Ways

Since hanging up my primary paying job, I have been so busy having fun that I want to shout from the roof tops. Instead, I will shout in this newsletter. Time allows you to focus on what you enjoy. As you note from recent issues, travel has been a major part of that agenda including a recent trip to Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park. (This month the focus is on Lake Tahoe and next month, Yosemite.) A former student Andy Laughlin and owner of Tahoe City Kayak of Tahoe City, NV, provided me with a wonderful reunion in late June. This included lessons by outstanding instructor Tim. (Be sure to ask for him if you decide to visit.) I enjoyed the quiet, the peace, as well as the excitement so much that I purchased a kayak. Tai chi instruction has also become a major activity. I am currently teaching four classes including the medical and office personnel in my family doctor's office, two senior citizen groups, and a small class at my former place of work. This role will expand with the opening of school.

Kayaking on Clear Waters

The paddle dips
....into the crystal clear water
....where one can peer
....into the fathoms below.
An occasional splash
....from the stroke
....cools the legs
....despite the intense sun.
Surrounded by perfection,
....I glide along the lake shore
....lost in thought.
An occasional wake
....rocks the kayak
....forcing me to return
....to the present.
Soon, lost again
....in the arms of Creation,
....I glide forward.

Comments: As you know, I often write about personal experiences. This one started on Lake Tahoe. I couldn't resist a short poem on kayaking and the inner doors it is opening for me. I trust each of you saw beyond the mere description of the experience and realize that it is also an allegory on life–the present and the unseen yet to come.

A day kayaker near where I paddled
Enjoying ice skating at the top of Squaw
Rafting the Truckee River
Fanny Bridge – can you guess why? Typical scene as
tourists stare at the trout in the Truckee River
View from the top of the gondola ride at Squaw Valley Ski Resort – note Tahoe in the distance
Quiet section of the Truckee River
Eagle Falls, South Lake Tahoe
View of Tahoe from high up just off State Rt. 431 – the lake is 22 miles by 12 miles. At the deepest point, Tahoe is 1645 feet, the second deepest lake in the U.S.


Lake Tahoe


  • If you want to kayak or learn to kayak, contact Andy Laughlin at Tahoe City Kayak in Tahoe City, NV. (During this busy season, I suggest you call to reserve at (530) 581-4336.) He will provide you with outstanding service. Be sure to tell him that Poet Bob sent you. If you are taking a lesson, ask for Tim.
  • Take the Squaw Valley Ski Resort's gondola to the top. Magnificent views unfold before you. Once at the top you have a chance to tour the 1960 Winter Olympic Museum.
  • Hike the abundant trails, and raft the Truckee River.
  • Drive clockwise around the lake, which is considered one of the most beautiful drives in the U.S. The manager of our hotel provided us with Darin Talbot's musical CD Around Tahoe. Get a copy because it provides you with a wealth of fascinating information including key stops and idyllic locations for lake views.


  • There are many fine places to stay while visiting the Tahoe area. I personally like to get away from the crowds so I avoid Stateline and the area with all the casinos. Also, I enjoy the small mountain town of Truckee with its restaurants and shops. Thus, a place I can suggest without hesitation is the Truckee Hampton Inn and Suites. It has much more style than the traditional Hampton and has a manager named Rick that will go out of his way to assist and make your stay enjoyable. I cannot say enough good things about him.


  • There are three I will mention. One of the recognized best by locals is Moody's Bistro located in Truckee. Decor and dress are low key as customary in this area. However, the food is outstanding. We enjoyed two dinners, one with our son's brother-in-law and his wife (We are also friends with them.) and the second with Andy Laughlin. All courses were rated 9+/10 by the participants. Besides the gourmet entrees, split a salad and dessert. Many of the produce are organic. If Craig is there, ask for him to be your server. Two places for lunch are Jake's on the Lake in Tahoe City and Sunnyside located just south of Tahoe City in the very small community of Sunnyside. In both places the food is almost as good as the view.

Owner of Tahoe City Kayaks
Andy Laughlin
Hampton Inn & Suites at Truckee, CA
The view from Jake's on the Lake (Tahoe City)

Rocky Shore along East Tahoe

39 trillion gallons of water, enough to meet the U.S. water needs for 3 years – also the purest natural water in the U.S.

Million dollar lawns found around some of America's most expensive homes located in Incline Village (North Tahoe)

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