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Two Poems: Memories and Family

Vignette this Month: Another Visit



    One of the old ruins preserved on Catawba Island, Lake Erie

    Opening Comments from Bob

    Beyond Time and Back: Epic Journey: My novel is available via Amazon. It contains stories of deep passion and love. Follow two lovers throughout time as they search for answers. A great love story unfolds through the pages. Trust me, you will never be bored.

    This Issue: We trave back to Ohio. There are also several pictures taken in Utah. The two poems–Memories and Familyare personal and speak to traditional ideas. Likewise, the vignette focus on similar thoughts. There is also the traditional content that appears in each issue. I hope you enjoy!

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    .Two Poems


    I am seated by
        the mystical lake of my youth.
        peering out toward still waters–
    Though miles away
        the pleasure islands are visible,
        with not a cloud in the sky.
    Almost magical
        how such a scene
        flashes back memories of youth–
        a time far less complicated
        where one knew not
        what travails life held.

    I smile
        remembering those times with friends,
        some now gone,
        as we laughed,
        dreaming of the future.

    Comments: Whenever I return to Ohio and visit Lake Erie, my thoughts return to the many wonderful times I spent on the shore and water of the lake. Pleasure islands refer to South Bass (Put 'n Bay) and Kelly islands which are noted for their party atmosphere.


    Some do everything
        to avoid family.
    Gatherings, reunions
        remain forbidden.

    Comedians often joke
        about the drudgery
        of the home hearth.

    But for others
        family is about warmth and love
        and becomes the essence of life.

    For them, family members
        create the bonds
        which provide meaning, purpose
        to their existence.

    Comment: No explanation needed.

    One of the historic homes on Catawba Island, Lake Erie.


    Doing tai chi at sunset on the Lake Erie shore (Picture courtesy of Bruce)


    The annual bike race Tour of Utah goes by our townhouse.

    Kingwood Gardens, Mansfield, OH: We returned to Ohio to visit my 92 year old mother. Pictured above and below are shots taken at nearby Kingwood Gardens. I used to teach tai chi on the grounds before leaving for Utah. A magnificent spot.


    Vignette: Another Visit

    I have mentioned in previous correspondence that I return back to Ohio every six to ten weeks to visit my family, particularly my ninety-two year old mother. This trip had an added bonus, to celebrate a special birthday with my oldest sister. Eighteen of us gathered at a favorite restaurant to honor the life of my sister–a wife, mother, author, and dear friend. Of my three sisters, each with their own special gifts, Larraine is the oldest. My wife Janice and I thoroughly enjoyed the party.

    For some, memories of family are not pleasant, even painful. But our family included a loving mother and father, a joyous childhood, and close ties that have continued to bond us through the decades.

    In today's modern world family has taken on new definitions from the one with which I grew up. Some shake their fists demanding that family be defined as they think it should be. For me, family is defined by love. As long as that critical piece exists at the core, I could care less with definitions. The older I become, that four letter word, love, defines what truly matters in life.

    Pic: The celebration, my mother in blue and the honoree in red 3rd on left.

    Collage of pictures taken at Kingwood Gardens, Mansfield, Ohio
    Rose Garden at Kingwood


    Jolly Roger Seafood House, Port Clinton, OH: We have eaten here for over 35 years. As is obvious by the lines, others also enjoy the perch and walleye. The place is not fancy and expect to stand in line–no such thing as reservations. However, your orders are delivered promptly considering the number of diners. I read some of the negative reviews on Trip Advisors, mostly generated by individuals who didn't realize you order at a window, see a menu that consists mostly of fried fish, and sit down at a table that may not be spotless. If those characteristics don't bother you, chances are you will enjoy a delicious seafood dinner. (There is also a sister restaurant in Vermilion, OH.).

    Please also take a look at the online book and gift page.

    Whenever at Lake Erie this place is a must stop for lake perch.


    Gem Beach area, Lower West Basin, Lake Erie, OH: The Lake is a major resort area in northern Ohio. Few realize that there are more pleasure boats on this part of Lake Erie than anywhere in the U.S. except for the east and west coasts.
    Luxury condos and boat docks at Gem Beach
    Luxury home on Catawba Island, Lake Erie

    Watching sunset on the lake


    Restored WWII B-24 at the air museum in Port Clinton, Ohio
    Another view of the Tour of Utah annual bike race


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