Vignette this Month: Schnormeier Gardens

As promised in the last issue, we pictorially return to Schnormeier Gardens near Gambier, OH. I have featured these gardens in the past. However, this time we had a special guide, Ted Schnormeier, visionary and designer of this gardening masterpiece. Before his wife Ann's passing, she played a critical role in the evolution of the gardens. Over the last 25 years this showplace "has grown to include fifty acres of manicured lawns, ten lakes, a variety of discrete garden areas and several waterfalls." These Japanese gardens are home to an unusual combination of rare conifers, plants, flora, and sculptures that bring visitors from all over the world to study, savor, and enjoy. One could easily argue this combination is unique in the world.

Before moving from Ohio, Ted allowed me to visit the premises and take photographs. (I was especially honored since the premises are usually closed to the public and individuals except by appointment.) Many of my shots appeared in his award-winning book SCHNORMEIER GARDENS – PEACE, HARMONY & SERENITY. Practicing Tai Chi near the teahouse was one of innumerable wonderful remembrances.

When Jan and I decided to return to Ohio, we hoped to visit the gardens as it has been close to six years since the last one. We contacted Ted, and he graciously agreed to give us a guided tour. The day was gorgeous, cool, and sunny–almost too much sun (Photographers will understand.) The pictures that follow, with the exception of two, were taken that June day during our two-hour tour.

The overall garden is divided into the Waterfalls Garden, the Chinese Cup Garden, the Stream Garden, the Serenity Garden, the Woodland Garden, the Hosta Garden, the Quarry Garden, the Meadow Garden, and the House/Japanese Garden. Each garden has a specific purpose and theme.

There is much more that could be written. If you would like more information, go to the garden website listed below.

I would also be remiss if I didn't express my public thanks to Ted for his friendship and generosity in providing us this memorable event.

(Special note: Quotation marks in a picture description indicates quotes taken directly from the Schnormeier Gardens website.)


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This Page: Sunday, July 25, 2021 (239th Issue)


Ted Schnormeier, creator of world famous Schnormeier Gardens, taking a brief break

Opening Comments from Bob

This Page: On our recent visit to Ohio, we were blessed to have Ted Schnormeier, the visionary behind the world-class Schnormeier Gardens, provide a personal tour of the grounds. Enjoy some of the photos taken during that tour. The poems, Citrus Grove and A Sprinkle, are two I enjoyed writing from pleasant memories. The vignette above provides pertinent information regarding Schnormeier Gardens. A new guest poet, John Lemon, has been added to my site.

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The Chinese Pavilion in the Chinese Cup Garden is now surrounded by foliage. When I first started photographing
the pavilion 8 years ago, it was fully visible.

Two Poems this Month

Citrus Grove

Walking through the grove,
   the glorious scent of citrus
   kisses the soul.
Fruits of deep orange
   cling to the trees,
   a visual temptation
   for all to see.
   the pace beyond slow,
   sensually absorbing
   the bounteous gifts flow.
In the distance,
   a hint of yellow appears.
Soon the scent
   of lemon
   brushes the nostrils.
Fragrances blend.
Perhaps a lesson
   for all to learn.



A Sprinkle

The rain gently falls
   not the deluge that soaks
   but the sprinkle
   that refreshes on a warm day.

One dances
   in the coolness
   of the moments.

Far in the distance
   a rainbow forms
   symbolizing the gift
   just bestowed.

Comments: Inspired by a brief walk in a recent rain in drought laden Utah.


The fish gather quickly near the deck-pier in the small lake when Ted does his daily feeding.

Ted and Jan talking while touring the gardens.

One of the fifty sculptures found throughout the gardens.


Peering from the garden next to the house across the small lake to the Chinese arch bridge

View from the small deck-pier toward the Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home. Each of the two floors covers 4,000 square feet.

The Meadow Garden contains the zigzag bridge across the pond.


New Guest Poet: John Lemon. I have not added a new guest poet to my site for over 8 years. John, a friend and prolific writer has traveled the world and written many poems and essays. I hope you enjoy his poem Senses.


"There are several hundred cone bearing conifer trees in the Serenity Garden that have originated from the
far corners of the world." A serene ambiance is created by the artful blending of natural and man-made elements.


Water lilies on the lake.



See the beauty that envelops you.

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The Stream Garden offers the tranquillity of a flowing stream surrounded by flora. "The focal point of the Stream Garden
is a four hundred foot long, six hundred gallon per minute mountain stream cascading through densely planted
adjacent beds and falling fifty feet in that distance."

Over fifty different varieties of hostas call the Hosta Garden home.

Scenes from the Waterfalls Garden


The red Chinese arch bridge is visible from many sections of the garden. You will often see it in the background of my
photos. It actually connects the larger property to the very small Swan Island.
The teahouse below is next to the bridge.


A Bit of Humor

A bit of laughter is healthy for the soul

Lady (to her doctor): "What l am worried about is my height and not my weight."

Doctor: "How come?"

Lady: "According to my weight, my height should be 7 feet, 8 inches."

Compliment of A Joke A Day



The teahouse and bridge peering toward the Waterfalls and Quarry Gardens


Looking across the lake from the house. Note the Chinese arch bridge and the teahouse to the right.

Tai Chi Corner

Take some time to learn tai chi. Contact Bob.


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