Enjoy the wreath pictures

Colonial Williamsburg, VA
A couple of recommendations

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One of the many door wreaths seen during the
Williamsburg Holiday Season (Picture header

for December PJ).
Tourist with Father Christmas (Disclaimer: This tourist signed a model release.)

A sampling of the
Christmas wreaths
that adorn the homes
during the Holiday Season
in Colonial Williamsburg, VA

Visit Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, during the Holiday Season – I have always found Williamsburg to be a fascinating place to visit, especially if you are into history. In the Holiday Season, this small community takes on additional color with the diverse door wreaths decorating the buildings and the fiery nightly "illumination of the taverns." Carolers from William and Mary College stroll the streets on the weekends along with one of the most elegantly dressed St. Nicholas I have every seen. (Be sure to view pictures on the web page.) Of course there is fine dining. One of my favorites is The Trellis (on the rt.). We have eaten there several times and have had excellent food. For a historic flavor, building-wise, we enjoyed lunch at the Kings Arms – scrumptious peanut soup and decadent rice pudding.