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Good Karma

When I lived in Fredericktown, Ohio, I wrote or started many poems at the V & M Restaurant in Belleville, Ohio. Since moving to Midway, Utah, I have found another restaurant The Cafe Galleria where I enjoy sipping my tea and writing. It is a brief mile bike ride from our townhouse. I am left undisturbed except for an occasional visit with one of the servers. This page contains some of the poems written there.


Ride 1 Utah (2013)

Nerves rattle the synapses.
My first  bike ride awaits
    since major surgery.
How do the bike lanes work?
    I’ve seen all configurations
    of traffic.
Oh well, we will soon discover.

A wobbly start–
    into the clips I go.
No other cyclists on the trail–

An easy mile later
    I arrive
    at my new breakfast destination–
    Café Galleria–a quiet place
    to sit outdoors, write,
    and enjoy the views.
It already seems familiar.

Sometimes, I believe life
    is about seeking such a feeling.
Soon, the wheels under my seat
    will feel that way.
Until then, I will dine and ride.
Comment: I have been on a number of rides since this poem was written. My riding legs and balance have returned. Also, even more importantly, a sense of familiarity has begun to develop regarding our new home.


A major bike race, which included competitors from the Tour de France passed right in front of the townhouse.

A view from the bike trail I ride


September Ride (2013)

Fall has arrived
    in the mountains.
Flashes of color
    splash the peaks.
Each passing day
    brings more vibrance.
A short, brisk ride
    takes me to my destination.
I sit on a soft rod iron chair
    sipping tea,
    gazing, watching
    as life passes by–
    content and at peace.
Comment: I love biking the mountains!


October Ride (2013)

The Utah sun
    seems warmer
    than the indicated 58°–
    I in my bike shorts
    and short sleeved riding jersey.
Few rides remain
    in this season.
Soon, the chill
    will permeate the air
    and the white powder
    will fall.
Skinny skis
    will replace the two wheels.
But now, I sit
    at the Galleria
    sipping tea,
    life’s many cycles.

Comment: My rides are becoming less frequent as the cold is taking over. Soon it will be cross- country skiing.



Bike trail in Park City, UT (Fall colors beginning)


Taken along Midway bike trail


Trout fishing along the world famous Provo River

Start of the Day (2014)

The world is filled
      with chaos, anger,
      and disruptions.
One searches for oases,
      which allow sanity
      to prevail.

Some discover theirs
      in the less desirable.
Others look
      for the simple, the less exotic.

For me, a ride and breakfast
      at the Café
      offers the sustenance
      to take on the day.

Comment: In Ohio I used to write poems that included a mention of a favorite local restaurant, V & M. There is even a whole section on my web site dedicated to those poems. Since coming to Midway, Cafe Galleria has taken on a similar role.


Time (2014)

Seated, sipping,
      the Swiss chimes
      ring their melody.
It’s 90º.
      Time to ride.

Comment: Another piece capturing the moment. Written while at the Galleria.


Another Lesson (2014)

Seated, sipping,
      a time when
      a fifty-mile ride
      barely broke a sweat.

Not today
      when 10 miles
      causes me to contemplate
      “The end is near.”

But that may change
      with training and diligence.

Isn’t that what life is about,

Comment: This poem was written relatively early in the season. I eventually got into shape. As one ages, it takes much longer.



..................Flowers abloom high up on Guardsman Pass


...........................A local flower bed


Seated at the Cafe Galleria where many of my Utah poems begin




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