More Waikiki and Oahu Sights

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Typical views
There can be crowds
Mimes in Waikiki
Artisans in Waikiki
Along one of the many hiking trails on Oahu
Same trail
Byodo-in Temple
...and more
North Shore during the summer (less crowded)
More typical views
North Shore winter surf time
Waimea Falls and Garden
Early morning Waikiki
The Waikiki beach at noon
Enjoying Waikiki

St. Patrick's Day Hawaiian Style

Bagpipers start the parade.
One of the many floats, mostly very lighthearted
Willingly posing
The pope of the parade
Another fun loving group
The participants were really having fun.
Marine band
Interior of the smal Iao Congregational Church
One of the parade sponsors
Enjoying themselves
Getting a ride
Here and below, some of the bystanders. Even the dogs got into the act.

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