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We made it back to Hawaii for a short multi-island tour. This issue's focus is on Oahu.


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Was PJ VOLUME XXI – Issue 3: Sunday, April 24, 2022 (248th Issue)


If you are willing to splurge for breakfast or lunch at the Royal Hawaiian Azure Restaurant, you will leave with fond memories.

...Opening Comments from Bob

This Page: This issue begins our three-part series on Hawaii, This trip was much shorter than in the past, but it was great to revisit one of our favorite places. Today's issue focuses on Oahu. The two poems are Returning and Time. Returning and the bonus poem talk about one of my favorite seasons, Spring. Time is for the thinker. Enjoy!

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Two Poems + Bonus



Bonus Poem: On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram I have been running a daily series of my poems accompanied with an appropriate picture. I will show a favorite in this section each month. This poem first appeared in Volume VI – Issue 3: Sunday, May 27, 2007 (69th issue)


Vignette this Month: Returning

The nation appears to be returning to normal. We all hope that COVID has taken a permanent recess.

Because of the virus, Janice and I canceled for the second time our February trip to the Islands. In March, we decided infection rates had decreased to levels that we could venture out, especially since we are fully vaccinated. Like all of us, we hope the pandemic remains in remission.

What a gift awaited us when we landed in Oahu! When you step into the open-air airport corridors, a smile crosses your lips as you smell the subtle fragrances of the flowers and the warmth that envelops you.


The Royal Hawaiian Resort is the granddaddy of the many modern resorts. It was built in 1927 and remains
known for its elegance and classic service.


There are many fabulous restaurants in Waikiki. As mentioned earlier, the Royal Hawaiian Azure Restaurant presents an elegant, fabulous dining experience, if you are willing to spend the shekels.

Roy Yamaguchi's restaurants are famous throughout the Islands for gourmet dining. Jan and I were not disappointed in our dining experience at Roy's Waikiki Restaurant (226 Lewers St.) Wonderful food but also gourmet prices.

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A leisurely 10 minute walk west of Waikiki Beach takes you to a less crowded and, in my opinion, a nicer beach.

The beach described above has a wonderful beach walk and a great view of Diamond Head.


An artsy shot of the roof of the Royal Hawaiian with Diamond Head in the background.



Relaxing under a small section of the Banyan Tree in the International Market,
downtown Waikiki. The market consists of many very upscale stores. The
restoration in 2016 caused a great deal of controversy because many
mom and pop stores and stands were removed from the premises.

Tai Chi Corner

Enjoying tai chi at the Ft. Derussy Beach Park next to the Army
Museum. Contact Bob for a name of an instructor near you.

Bob Casey
Poetical Journeys
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Midway, UT 84049


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