This page provides a synopsis of Maui Recommendation. Links will send you to more detailed rationale. These pages are very comprehensive and include updates from over a decade of visits. Many have been tested numerous times.



General includes a list of recommendations. The pages that follow will sometimes re-recommend and/or add new ones.

Page 1 includes Aunty Sandy's banana bread, Sherri Reeves Gallery (2nd time), Garden Cafe in Makawao (always each there at least twice, Tasaka Guri Guri (like ice cream), Maui Arts and Cultural Center, Kula Botanical Gardens, and Maui Swap Meet.There is also a vignette and youtube video and pics of 808 Uke Jams (free concert/jam every Thursday night).

Page 2 contains the rec for Maalaea General Store. A fun place for a light lunch. (The store has changed hands, more upscale but the food is still good.)There is also a rec for the Big Is.

Page 3 contains numerous recs including Coconuts Fish Cafe, Kula Country Farms, Main Street Bistro, Maui Hands, Chez Meme Bistro, and Shaka Pops.

Page 4 There are repeats but emphasize how much I enjoy them, Cafe Mambo, Kula Country Farms stand, Monsoon India, and Leoda's Kitchen and Pie Shop.

Page 5 Grandma's Maui Coffee House and Char Pope's new album are featured.

Page 6 I enjoy some places so much that they receive repeated recommendations. The two restaurants are Monsoon India (lunch and dinner) and Gazebo Restaurant for breakfast. The Kula Country Farms stand for fresh produce, especially for the onsite grown strawberries.

Page 7 Lori C. Unfus offers Maui folk art at very reasonable prices–a great souvenir from the islands. Her booth is set up at the Maui Swap Meet every Saturday.

Page 8 This page contains recommendations for Maui, the Big Island, and Oahu. The Maui one contains two of our FAVORITES, Paia Fish Market and Cafe des Amis (Crepes are exceptional.). There are also some previous recs including Ali'i Kula Lavender Gardens, Sherri Reeve's Gallery, and The Curtis Wilson Gallery.
Page 9 This page is diverse with some new recs and ones mentioned before. The new ones are Roy's on Maui and Alan Wong's (my favorite on Oahu), both gourmet restaurants. Click on the page link to read more about Komodo's bakery and Sherri Reeve's Gallery.
Page 10 Three recommendations include Monsoon India (a perenial favorite), Maui Brewing Company (a great tour), and Pizza Madness (Our favorite pizza on the island).
Page 11 These recommendations have been made several times over the years, Maui Swap Meet, Kula Farm Stand, and Mana Grocery.
Page 12 This same recommendation has been made over the years – Monsoon India for the 4th year. Though not mentioned, Kula Farm Stand, Mana Grocery, Paia Fish Market, and Cafe des Amis (Crepes are exceptional.) continue to be favorites.
Page 13 There is a new recommendation on this 2018 page, Longhi's Restaurant on Front Street in Lahaina. We have eaten there multi ple times and found the food delicious. Locate a table along the street and people observe. Be patient with the service. Grandma's Maui Coffee House continues to receive our hardy recommendation along with Monsoon India–what a view!
Page 14 There is a new recommendation on this 2019 page, The Mill House Restaurant at the Maui Plantation: A bit steep but well-worth the cost. The curry and bratwursts (Yes, you read right) were delicious. Janice is an expert on quality brats as she grew up in the Brats' Capital of Ohio, Bucyrus. After 50+ years of marriage, she finally declared that someone made brats equal to her hometown's. I loved the curry as well. As you can see from the picture, the view is incredible. We had a discussion with the general manager who informed us of the extraordinary lengths they employ to purchase and provide quality food. Oh yes, while there be sure to explore the magnificent grounds of the plantation near Wailuku, Maui. There is no charge to enter.
Page 15 There are three new recommendation on this 2019 page, The Lahaina Pizza Company not only serves delicious pizza and Italian food but offers a magnificient view of bustling Front St. Kula Bistro in Upcountry Kula offers gourmet fare food. Though the prices are a bit steep, the food is worth it. Obviously, because of the crowds, others feel the same. The Maui Jelly Factory produces jellies that you can actually taste the fruit.
Page 16 There are two recommendation on this 2019 page, La Provence – This small French restaurant is in Upcountry near Kula. Though a bit hidden the word is out as you often have to wait. It attracts many locals. This restaurant has limited hours: Breakfast: Wed-Fri 8:30a-11a; Lunch: Wed-Fri 11:30a-2p; Brunch: Sat&Sun 9:00a-2p; and Dinner: Wed-Sun 5:00p-9p. IMPORTANT NOTE: Cash or check.Wailuku Coffee Company – Dine among the locals in this health-conscious restaurant on Market Street in this off the beaten tourist track community. Sip and enjoy at a leisurely pace.
Page 1 includes all the current recommendations for this island. Though you will see a few on other Oahu pages, they have all been summarized on this page.
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