Maui, Oahu,


the Big Island

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This was a header to
issue 85.
A beach along Oahu's
north coast

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Throw Away

The monstrous, bird speckled “two-ton” T.V.,
...screen dark, void of life,
...rests on the sidewalk.
A new flat screen replaced the bulk
...beaming in the endless abundance
...of trivial.

Plastic cups and Mickey D bags,
...contents having quenched the thirsts
...and filled the bellies,
...clutter the apartment drive.

The beggar sleeps soundly on the walk, tourists pass by–
...some gawk and others pretend not to see.

All, no longer wanted, longer needed.

Comments: Walking to my favorite park for early morning Tai Chi in Waikiki, I saw an abandoned TV on the sidewalk. The basic concept of the poem developed as I walked onward passing a homeless man asleep on the street. Following practice, I sat on a bench looking out over Waikiki beach and wrote the draft. Sadly, I also thought of the disposable society we have become.

Ahh . . .

Roaring, rolling iridescent turquoise, aquamarine blue
...snowcapped with boiling white
...pound onto the milky sand.
The view of the endless sea interrupted by mountainous forest greens
...and scattered reds of southwest Maui.
Waving palms greet passersby sounds of minor birds
...permeate the air.
The luxuriant perfumes
...of the Islands
...create their magic.
Ahh. . .life! Ahh. . .peace!

Comments: Nothing deep but a bit of relief from the serious poem above. On an early morning walk along the Maui shore, I jotted notes which later became this poem.

The TV inspiration
The view following a short shower as I wrote the poem
(Waikiki Beach early morning)
Part of the inspiration for Ahh . . . and the picture below
The below pictures were taken on Maui except for the fisherman who was fishing on Oahu's North Shore.

Some of my favorites remain on my list. (One, which will remain nameless) was removed because of poor service.) There are a few new ones.
Maui: Ali'i Kula Lavender Gardens (part of the grounds pictured on the right) in Upcountry is a wonderful, almost meditative place to visit. Over the last several years, these gardens have continued to expand. If you love watercolor, then a visit to Sherri Reeve's Gallery in Makawao is a "must add" to your list. Another incredible gallery is The Curtis Wilson Gallery located downstairs from the Kula Lodge Restaurant. Food in PaiaThe Paia Fish Market is an informal sit down or carry out restaurant that is great value–the food every bit as good as the much pricier Mama's Fishhouse down the road. Go to Cafe des Amis for crepes–marvelous and decadent.
Big Island: 1) If you get over to the Big Island, be sure to add a visit to the Hawaiian Vanilla Company located in Paauilo, HI 96776 – (808) 776-1771. Signup for the gourmet lunch (by reservation), one of the best I have ever had. Vanilla is integrated into each of the five courses. A tour of the farm is included. Owner Jim Reddekopp along with his family will make you feel welcomed. 2) If you love chocolate, be sure to visit the Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory located in Kailua-Kona – 808-322-2626. It is the ONE chocolate grown, harvested, processed and packaged in Hawai'i. Since location of the factory is on a working farm, tours are scheduled by appointment only. Owner Bob Cooper really knows his stuff.
Oahu: 1) Leonard's Bakery at 933 Kapahulu Ave, Honolulu, Oahu is a decadent stop for doughnuts or even bettter, malasadas. Be sure to grab a number of napkins as the delectable filling oozes out with your first bite. 2) Hau Tree Lanai Beachfront Restuarant in the the New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel on a quiet section of Waikiki Beach is a magnificent location for an evening of romantic dining. The view, as seen on the right, is incredible, especially as the sun disappears into the Pacific. Food: 9-9.5/10; Service: 10/10; View: 11/10.
This is the one shot from the volcanic Big Island (Hawaii)
Ubiquitous sunset on Waikiki
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