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the Kauai Issue

Waimea Canyon "The Grand Canyon of Hawaii"

Tai Chi on Kauai

“Lush greens,”
......words that humbly attempt
......to describe the Garden Isle.
As I perform my tai chi
......on a grassy cliff
......the ocean hundred feet below,
......the roar of the waves
......and the songs of the birds
......become my music.
The sun attempts
......to peek through the clouds,
......casting a reddish tint
......upon the water.
The trades cool the skin.
The chi flows through my veins
......sending warmth to each pore
......on this early Kauai morning.
The place I stand,
......this now,
......can never be richer.
I could rejoice
......if the summation of my life
......could be captured
......in this moment.

Comments: The poem says it all.

The Joy of Poetry

Where else can one
....write of the infinite and the minuscule;
....the breeze on the skin;
....the shimmer of leaves in the wind;
....and droplets of rain upon the windowpane
....without raising one eyebrow
....as to the sanity of the writer?
All permit the poet to wax wisely
....on these taken for granted moments.

Words regarding mortality and immortality
....may also flow onto the page.
Thoughts regarding war, peace, love, and hate,
....can rage within the Poet’s soul
....before forming into poetic words.
Often the indescribable struggles to be described.

Some question, “What is the value of poetry?”

The poet responds, “What is life without it?”

Comment: I have a number of poet friends and must admit that we tend to look at life a bit differently. Experiences that go unnoticed by most can fascinate us. Also, many of us march to a different drummer. The beat is not always understood by others.

A Proposal

Ego consumes all but a few.
Assuredly, the earth and its majesty
......revolves around the “I.”
Decisions, desires, actions
......yield to the id.
How will I benefit?

Life is more gracious
......when humility reigns.
Intolerance is the enemy
......with no room for crusades
......and camps from Hell.
Compassion becomes life’s text
......along with giving oneself away,
......thus, becoming more fully alive.

In the end,
......one recognizes the interconnectedness–
......the oneness with all beings–
......humbly being quiet.

Listening. . .

Comment: Inflated egos cause many of our problems, not only as individuals but as nations. This poem speaks to alternatives.

Doing tai chi near the cliff (6:35a) - used the camera self-timer
Nenes, on the endangered list
One of the many flowering trees
The Autograph Tree, an Hawaiian form of graffiti

Kauai, sometimes called the "Chicken Island" – Thousands of chickens and roosters roam freely throughout the island

Above: Albatross – practicing their mating dance
Below: Flora everywhere
More pictures of Waimea Canyon
. . . more
. . .and more

The coastline coming down from the Canyon

Vignette: Kauai "The Garden Isle"

Several years have passed since I visited the "Garden Isle" so named because of its lusciousness.  One reason it is so green is because of the frequent rains, especially on the north side where we stayed.  One mountain area is considered one of the wettest spots in the world, averaging over 425 inches a year.  I also discovered, according to annual rainfall charts, that March is one of Kauai's wetter months.  During our close to six weeks in Hawaii, we experienced 2.5 days of rain, excluding night ones.  Two of those days were on Kauai.  On the other five days there liquid sunshine fell briefly off and on during four of those days.  Kauaians go about their business oblivious to the rain.  Thus, that is what we did.  Pictures of Limahuli Garden were shot in a downpour that had rivers of water rushing down the trails.  If you do not enjoy rain, one of the best times to visit Kauai is in September or October.  Those months are considered shoulder season so housing and airfares are also traditionally lower.

Kauai is much more rural and laid-back than Maui and Oahu.  The island is also less developed in terms of urban growth.  Lihue is the largest and main city on the island  and serves as the primary shopping area.  Its population is slightly over 6,000 versus Maui's Kahului of 24,000+ and Oahu's Honolulu of close to a 1 million.  There are a number of small communities servicing residents and tourists.  Stores within them tend to be small and privately owned.  The traffic, which can be very slow during rush hours (only one major road connects the island communities), is more bearable because drivers allow other cars to enter the main traffic stream.  I heard no honking or saw no nasty hand gestures during the week.  Instead, if you were at the grocery and needed to enter the long line of traffic built up in Kapa'a around 4 PM (a small town near our condo) a simple wave by a driver indicated that you could join them.

Finally and most importantly, the people are friendly, going out of their way to offer service with a touch of "aloha."

Canids from Kauai


On both Kauai and Oahu there are so many suggestions that you can spend weeks exploring.


Places: If you enjoy visiting gardens and are interested in native Hawaiian flora, be sure to add Limahuli Garden to you list of must sees. Of course, Waimea Canyon (the Grand Canyon of Hawaii) is a must see.  There are many beaches from which to choose, most having few people. 

Activity: A wonderful way to learn about the island and see some magnificent sights that you would definitely miss on your own is to sign up for Kauai Photo Tours.  Even if you are not really into serious photography, join the 'EZ' tour to see spectacular vistas.  The owners, Vincent and Michele Tylor, are friendly and accommodating.  Our tour guide, Casey, did a fantastic job of helping us explore the northern half of the island.

Restaurant:  The Kilauea Fish Market near Princesville is a small establishment with only a few tables.  Much of its business is take out.  HOWEVER, it is well-known enough to have the Food Channel filming while we enjoyed lunch.  Jan and I were even part of the filming, giving us our 30 seconds of fame.  Obviously, by its name, fish is the primary menu item.

Other: One of the island's tropical treats is lilikoi or passion fruit, truly delectable.  For everything lilikoi stop at Aunty Liliko'i in the small community of  Waimea.  You don't even have to travel there as you can order products online.  I especially like the passion fruit syrup and jelly. 

Great place to purchase the sensual tasting lilikoi and related products in the small community of Waimea
Kilauea fish Market
Note the camera crew from the Food Channel
The photo tour group with Kauai Photo Tours, taking a luncheon break (I was given permission by the participants to include their picture on this site.)

Restaurants: Postcards in Hanalei offers a unique, well-planned menu that focuses on organic with vegan and vegetarian options. Food - excellence; service - friendly. The St. Regis restaurant is upscale with some of the best views on the island. Elisa was our breakfast server, really made the experience even more enjoyable. We also had dinner there. Very high quality, well-prepared food! Expect excellent service at this very upscale restaurant. Surprisingly, the final bill was not that much more than some of the neighboring restaurants. Special thanks to subscriber Char from Tiffin who recommended that we visit both restaurants.

Services: Taking a helicopter or fixed wing tour of the island is a must. We opted for a fixed wing tour of the island. Air Venture Hawaii provided us with excellent service and magnificent views of Kauai. Harry, our pilot, is experienced, friendly, and knowledgable.

Harry, our pilot, for Air Venture Hawaii
Sunset from the balcony of the St. Regis

Taro fields and the mountains

Farming area shortly after the rains
Beaches everywhere, many hard to find
Wailua Falls

Another glorious beach

Scenes from Limahuli Garden (Taken during pouring rain)

Another scenic beach
Kilauea Lighthouse
Common scene on the north side of Kauai
Sunset in Princeville

Recommendations '05 Kauai

Activities – There are so many things to do that books are written on the topic. I am recommending three to you. Waimia Canyon (pictures above) is a must see on the Garden Isle. However, no matter where you travel, expect heavy traffic along much of the major highways, especially early morning when Kauaians are heading to work as well as afternoon when they head home. The Kauai Products Fair in Kapa'a (Thursday - Sunday) is definitely worth a stop. I left somewhat poorer! If you enjoy coffee, then be sure to visit Kauai Coffee Company – excellent opportunity to sample a wide selection of local java. For more info, click here.

A booth at the Kauai Products Fair
Entrance to the Kauai Coffee Company