Our trip to Kauai with Family 2014



    One of the many flowering trees
    Opening Comment from Bob

Aloha: We took a one week trip with Craig, Nicole, and Peyton to Kauai. During the winter the rain occurs almost daily in the Princeville area where we stayed. This time we chose September, one of the drier months. The poems Heritage, A Sad Tale, and Another Lesson touch on lighter as well as serious notes. Enjoy!

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.Three Poems



The toddler wades up to her chin–
      no worries
      except for an occasional gulp
      of salt water that she laughingly
      spits out.
Proud parents and grandparents smile
      wondering how her life
      will unfold.

On a sandy dune
      miles and light-years away
      a two-year old dashes and plays
      coughing momentarily
      on the fine granular mist.
The family smiles
      daring to wonder what life
      holds for this beloved child.

Comment: As I watched my granddaughter play on the beach and swim in the Pacific, I thought about how universal family love is and the hope for happiness. I know there are exceptions in all societies, nevertheless, that sense of hope for our children exists in most of us. (Over the years I have written several poems on this topic.)

A Sad Tale

Gnarled fingers chisel
      sliver by sliver
      the rare koa into a figurine
      of a god long gone.
Though his heart
      inwardly aches
      for ancestral times,
      he knows the money
      will feed his family.

The tourist peers on thinking
      what a unique doorstop
      this carving will make.

Comment: Having visited numerous cultures and talked to individuals there as well as overhearing conversations, this poem formed while on my recent visit to Kauai.

Another Lesson

Seated, sipping,
      a time when
      a fifty-mile ride
      barely broke a sweat.

Not today
      when 10 miles
      causes me to contemplate
      “The end is near.”

But that may change
      with training and diligence.

Isn’t that what life is about,

Comment: This poem was written relatively early in the season. I eventually got into shape. As many of you know, as one ages it takes much longer. I eventually made it.

Nothing like a small shovel and a bucket for some fun on the beach

An artist trying to capture Hanalei Bay on canvas

So many beautiful flowers everywhere you look

Enjoying a swim in the waters of Hanalei Bay

The Cafe Galleria in Midway where many of my Utah poems begin including the last poem Another Lesson

Panoramic view taken while enjoying a gourmet breakfast at the Kauai St. Regis–note the waterfall pool lower left

Hanalei Bay - beautiful beach to swim

Hanalei Bay - beautiful beach to walk

Vignette: Thoughts on Kauai

Those who have traveled to the fiftieth state realize that each island has its own personality. When asking others about which is their favorite island, many reply either Maui or Kauai. I find each island possesses great beauty, especially the often maligned Oahu where visitors land for a day or so and head off to one of the other islands never seeing the North Shore's monstrous winter swell or its magnificent eastern shore that has some of best views in the state. However, I have to agree that depending on whether you enjoy a slower but more cosmopolitan island or an even slower more rustic flavor, then Maui or Kauai would be your choice. This trip to Princeville in the northern section of Kauai during the relatively dry season gave me a greater appreciation for the gifts this garden isle has to offer. Because we had Craig, Nicole, and twenty-three month Peyton with us, our usual sightseeing drastically changed. We slowed down and spent a lot of beach time. These daily ventures became a photographer's dream with the miles of sand, turquoise water, and the ambiance of Hawaiian life. Previous visits usually included short beach visits, often missing the deeper beauty. Of course seeing the island through a two-year old's eyes added an incredible new dimension. Nicole, who had never been to Hawaii, shared her perspective which also enhanced our experience. While Maui will remain dear to my heart, Kauai comes in a very close second. Should you have an opportunity to visit this lush island what follows is a minimalist list of musts: Hanalei Bay, Anini and Poipu Beaches, Kilauea Lighthouse, Waimia Canyon. Na Pali Coast, Opaeka'a and Wailua Falls, one of the National Botanical Gardens, lilikoi sorbet, and fresh fish, especially the Ahi. If you really want to splurge, enjoy the buffet breakfast at the St. Regis with the multimillion dollar view. You will also add many more musts to your visit. If you do, let me know your choices.

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St. Regis, Princeville, Kauai: If you want to splurge, enjoy a buffet that is delicious, and marvel at a multimillion view, then this elegant hotel is the place to visit for an unforgettable breakfast dining experience. Most in our party made at least three trips back to the buffet tables. Almost any breakfast item you can conjure in your mind was available. The bread pudding with macadamia nuts and caramel topping was incredible.

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...............Breakfast at the St. Regis - the view reflected in the windows

.On my walk to early morning tai chi

Kailua Lighthouse

Anini Beach - just one of many beaches from which to choose

Opaeka'a Falls - 152 foot drop


Waimia Canyon - Grand Canyon of Hawai'i

.......................................................................................Another Canyon view

..................................................One morning enjoyed this view during early morning tai chi.

Sometimes I practiced my early morning tai chi on this golf course.

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