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"A Physical and Mystical Journey"

For years I wanted to sail around the world. But alas, time, family, responsibilities, etc. gradually brought me to the realization that this particular dream would probably not occur. Never one to give up my dreams, I decided to modify it. Thus, I planned a trip around the world but via jet....much faster...yes, less adventurous...but still wondrous. By visiting this section, you can vicariously take your own trip. I not only wrote poetry but enjoyed renewing friendships, savoring magnificent meals and wines (also, some great beers), meeting some wonderful people, and casting my gaze upon spectacular scenery. Some of this scenery is imperfectly captured in my photos. This section also includes personal recommendations regarding housing, airlines, restaurants, and one airport.

The trip started on March 20, 2001 with departure from Cleveland Hopkins Airport (not an airport where you want to spend much time) and ended on my return to Cleveland Hopkins on April 14, the day before Easter. My good friend, Patrick, accompanied me for 14 days of the 24 day trip. (Yes, we are still friends.) My travels included the North Island of New Zealand, Australia (Sydney, Tasmania, and Perth), Bali, Singapore, Frankfurt, and home.

By clicking on the underlined items below, you can go directly to a specific area or poem. Or, you can simply travel sequentially as I did. Please enjoy!

Oh yes, why is this extensive section under "Beauty." Frankly, this section fits under all subjects. I simply had an open slot...:-)

In my book, The Wanderer: A Poetical Journey these poems have their own chapter.

Title or Topic
Brief Description
Dreams A poem dealing with one source that drives us Color
I Miss You Already /Tequila Two diverse poems from conversations heard at the airport and on the plane
March 21, Where Did You Go? Poetic thoughts regarding the approaching flight
Devonport Muses about this small resort community across the Bay from Downtown Auckland, New Zealand; also pictures and recommendations
Onemana A picturesque paradise on earth - poetry and pictures - Special greetings to my friends Henry and Helen who live there
Tauranga Another beautiful place to live - poetry and pictures with a special restaurant recommendation - mmm!! , and lodging and gift recommendations
Diane A poem to a dear friend and the memories our families shared - Diane lives in Tauranga, NZ
Tai Chi in Wanganui A special poetic moment while doing Tai Chi at friends Patsy's and Maurice's home, includes many beautiful pictures of Rotorua, Huka Falls, Lake Taupo, Grand Chateau, and Whakapapa Ski Area.
Johan A tribute to my mentor
An Evening at Johan's and Sigga's A tribute to their fifty years together - a special evening spent at their home in Palmerston North, NZ
Aotearoa "The Land of the Long White Cloud" An ode to this paradisiacal country called New Zealand - includes many pictures - you could spend some time on these pages dreaming.
Oh, Sydney Yes, glorious Sydney - poetry, recommendations, and sights
Port Arthur and the Isle of the Dead Such a place of beauty and great sorrow - a poetic story is told plus many pictures of beautiful Tasmania along with several recommendations for lodging, gifts, and food
Perth Where else but Western Australia's premiere city including pictures and one recommendation regarding Aboriginal art
Mystical Bali The title says it all - also glorious pictures and some important recommendations if you plan to travel there
Singapore, the Lion City A dynamic city - besides poetry, also pictures and recommendations galore (Singaporeans love to eat and shop!!) The airport - the BEST I have ever experienced.
Frankfurt, Germany No poetry here but a few pictures, observations, and a recommendation
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