"Come, my friends, / 'Tis not too late to seek a newer world. / Push off, and sitting well in order smite / The Sounding furrows; for my purpose holds / To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths / Of all the western stars, until I die." – Alfred Lord Tennyson, Ulysses

This journey we call life is filled with many adventures that test our soul and our understanding of who we are. At times life becomes a series of questions as one tries to understand and comprehend daily complexities and find answers to ultimate questions. Other times, one is amazed at the beauty and the simplicity of the Creator's Plan. Thus far, this journey has taught me many lessons including how to experience joy, and yes, sorrow. Like each of us, I am still learning. Each passing year reassures me that there is a greater power and that we can experience that power. In short, there is hope. My poetry and writings over the years have changed as I have observed more and know less.

The poetry included on this site was written primarily for myself. Secondly, it is written for my son so that he might better understand who his dad is. Finally, like many writers, I want to share my work. My hope is that my writings will somehow help readers understand more about who they are and in rare instances may actually touch the inner soul. That, to me, is the highest compliment a poet's writing can receive.

" I have been asked many questions in my life about poetry, religion, life, and I have given precisely the same number of answers, but I have never, I repeat, never, satisfied a single interlocutor. Why? Because all questioning is a way of avoiding the real answer, which, as Zen tells us, is really known already. Every man is enlightened, but wishes he wasn't. Every man knows he must love his enemies and sell all he has and give to the poor, but he doesn't wish to know it–so he asks question." – R. H. Blyth