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Over the years there have been hundreds of commnets. Below are a few that were TOO GOOD TO DELETE

"...It is indeed our pleasure to receive your compliments on the facilities, shopping and services at Singapore Changi Airport.. We are especially delighted to read the comments you have written in your web site. All of us at Singapore Changi Airport work hard to provide an enjoyable and pleasant experience for our passengers. It is very encouraging to know that our efforts are being appreciated. Mr Casey, thank you again for your compliments and we look forward to serve you again at Singapore Changi Airport soon. We would also like to take this opportunity to extend our best wishes for your new book, ..." -- J.T., Singapore (7/5/01)

"...I was impressed! It's most excellent! Execution and content. It's intelligent, yet soft and honest. Your comments which accompany are wonderful. They help us to understand and trust you. It is particularly interesting to me because your poems seem to be living, continuously offering new hope to your reader. As you said, you are evolving, and in that evolution the reader eagerly awaits your new unfolding treasures. Will your words tease free the guarded secrets of the soul? ~ "from this dream Lord will you wake me . . ." -- Nancy from California

",,, My pen name has been PoeticaL for the last 2 years. I have developed a website of my own called Poetical Musings. Today while doing searches I came across your website. It's very nice and I would like to link your site to mine. It's nice to see someone else with the love of poetry. I enjoyed my visit to your website. I hope you enjoy your visit to mine..." -- Kristy of St. Petersburg, FL (Ed. To read more about her site click here.)

"Reading the poem The Graduate expresses... a father's feelings of wonderment which includes pride-joy-maybe sense of sadness -- the house will be a little more quiet.... missing the messy room -- listening to his tales for the day--so much more is expressed in the poem..." -- A Mother from Ohio

"I'm a brand new subscriber, [Ed. to the Poetical Journal] (from Washington State), and I just had to write and exclaim, "WoW!" after having looked through your "Eternal" section (NGC 4151 took me there). I especially liked One Fall Morning (and the comments thereof). I am always heartened to see like-minded souls online. I have an older site (2+yrs), with some similar thoughts, if you're curious, at http://www.geocities.com/beo-elysia/ElysianLibrary.html Keep up the great work ! -- or perhaps I should say -- Keep going thy great way ! (2 points if you can name the author of that 'slightly altered' line!) -- Marnie from Washington

"We hope all is well with you and have had the chance to enjoy the summer. Just looked at your great Web Site once again and it really is a great place to go to when one needs a bit of solace - could stay there all day. Today, we received your very generous gift of your book in the mail and just couldn't wait to open it - was very much a surprise to us. The staff were just as eager to read it also. It still pleases us greatly that you would have considered us worthy of your very generous comments and to put it to print has left a tremendous impression with us. We shall value your creative talents and wish you the very best for the future and would dearly love to see you again in New Zealand should there be a reason to come. Woolen jerseys don't last forever!! We gather your consignment from here arrived safely. The Woolshed Complex has changed slightly since your visit last year and now have a Garden Centre which is trading very well and as well as the very popular Cafe. There is also an additional car parking area to cater for motor homes, caravans, trailers of all kinds etc. and has been well used and a slight upgrade within the Woolshed itself. To us, the Kaimai area of Tauranga is still one of the most enjoyable and scenic areas in the Bay of Plenty and intend to be here for many years - God willing. Once again, thank you so much for your generous gift and will be in contact over time. Keep up the good work..." – Chris Timms and Kerry Moore of Kaimai Woolshed in Tauranga, NZ. (To learn more about this great place to shop for woolen goods, click here.)

"Just a quick thank you for your book of poems we received. We're glad you enjoyed your time at McHugh's and look forward to welcoming you again for a complimentary lunch sometime in the future. – John McHugh (To learn more of this fine restaurant in Devonport, NZ, click here.)

"I love this site – thank you for sharing your thoughts. My family way way back is a family of readers and writers – also some do poetry. My mother who is 85 writes beautiful poetry. We are lovers of the written word, the flow is like music to the eyes. My oldest son writes his own lyrics and music. I have sent him an e-mail to take time from his busy life to read all there is on this site. A wonderful place to visit and unwind after a long day's struggle to get by. God bless you for sharing with the world." – Mystery Reader )

".I visited your website just now and I like it very much. I am sending one of my poems for your beautiful site. If you like it, please add to you site. To read more of my poems, kindly visit my site. Greetings from Atlanta." – Gohar (12/7/02) He later wrote, "You are absolutely a great poet and writer, not only that, you are also a talented web designer. Many thanks for making my page so attractive. I like it very much. More than that I love your poetry. Congratulations..." – Gohar (You can read Gohar's poem and visit his web site via here.)

"Just a little note to tell you how much I am enjoying the poems (ref.: my book The Wanderer). I read a few each day...only to savor and think about those poems he has written. I do not want to confuse my mind with too many each day. They are simply wonderful..." – Marlene (This note was forwarded by a reader who received this thank you for the gift of my book.)

"I also have read more of your Guest Poetry. I would like to share one of my latest poems with you for possible inclusion in the Journal, or perhaps on your website. See what you think. ...The Moon..." – Sharon (Sharon's poem is now in the guest poet section. To read it, click here. Ed.: She has added a new one since the original.)

"We often will lay together and read pieces of literature, and The Wanderer was one of the books we read, cover to cover together)!" – A Reader from Vancouver

"I would like to take a moment to personally Thank you for the calendar which arrived in yesterday's mail. It's great! Not only the calendar but your web site as well, is a great inspiration to us up and coming poets. I've been a faithful reader of your newsletter for some time now, from Colorado Springs, Colorado and will continue to do so. Keep up the fantastic work and hope to read more of your insights soon. Thank You once again from a fellow published poet and short story fiction writer!" – Terry

"... I am halfway through The Wanderer and thoroughly enjoying it. Your book is a veritable cornucopia, a marvelous feast for mind and soul! I believe the organization and presentation of the poems with comments is perfect. I plan on ordering several for special friends and relatives to enjoy because I couldn't bear to part with my copy of such a delightful book. I know my wife will also enjoy it..." – Rob

"Just love your site, so much insparation and emotions, nice to feel in our days – some people have somethings in comon, thank u." – Debby, K

"I subscribed to your newsletter during my second visit to your site. ________ told me of your site, and once I'd visited, I knew I wanted to return. Your site is very well done, professional, neat, creative and easy to maneuver. I anticipate many visits and much enjoyment!." – Noel

"Thanks! I always enjoy your contests! LOL This one was a hoot! I love to spend a day or two going through your website and reading all of your poems, I enjoy it so much." – Bobbie from Texas

I'm a licensed lay minister at _______ United Church of Christ, ........... was kind enough to gift me with a copy of your Wisdom from the Journey book. I'm constantly reading stuff so it was an appreciated surprise. I put the book by my bed and included it among the things that I read in little bite-sized chunks as I go to bed at night. Just this past week I finished sharing your journey(s) by way of your book. It is now my intent to log onto your website and get signed up for a continuation of the journey via the monthly PJ. I'll be passing the book on to my friend Bruce who I know will love going along to the places you'll take him..." – Greg from Ohio

"I came across your posting about my article in S&H and just wanted to express my gratitude - I appreciate you spreading the word! All the best, and Namaste," – Raphael

"I always enjoy your newsletters, but the July 05 issue was very special since my wife and I have visited Olde Bermuda many times - in fact that is where I met my bride of 53 years. Bermuda was my first overseas assignment as a young airman and I spent 30 wonderful months there. My wife, Vera, kids me about spending the Korean War in Bermuda dodging sea shells!! I enjoyed your Bermuda poem..." – Robert

"I love your site and have passed on the link to others who share a love of poetry and other things. Keep up the great writing!" – Michele from Converse, TX

"I absolutely love your newsletters. Sometimes I save them to read several times untill the next one comes. Thank you sooo much." – Tina from Swartz Creek, MI

"I read many parts, poems in your book last night An Oasis in a Cluttered World. It is very touching to read all the different poems, and your comments. Of course, I will still read more. At this point in time I do better with books like this particular one. As you say...you can pick it up at any point in the book. I went back & forth. Your travels and observations are so special as you weave that into what you write. Congratulations!!~~I look forward to reading some of your other books" – B.C.

"I love the moving pen writing the web site name. I couldn't find a place for comments so I went on your PJ and am sending it from there. Looks Good! " – G.L.

"WOW WOW WOW!! I love your new site!" – Christy

"This is just a short note on receiving your latest edition of Poetical Journeys. . . How much pleasure your journeys give to your readers, whether to an art gallery, a winter scene, or best of all to a tropical paradise. There is always peacefulness to be had in both words and photographs in your reports and a real respite for your readers among the hub-bub of our urban lives. May your next one be as happy and successful a visit. . .” – Elsie from Quebec

"In reading a new website, I discovered this stunning poem by John O'Donohue written as a blessing to his mother on the death of his father and thought you, too, would appreciate it's wonder: And when your eyes / freeze behind / the gray window / and the ghost of loss / gets into you, / may a flock of colors / indigo, red, green / and azure blue / come to awaken in you /a meadow of delight. Such a rainbow of thoughts for a snowy day, almost certainly one of grief somewhere." – Elinor

". . .I regularly read your journal! . . .I am also a member of an organization Wildlife Trust of Bangladesh where I design and coordinate conservation education programmes. . .I visited India several times. I liked your issue and forwarded it to all my Indian friends. . .You are most welcome to our Bangladesh. . ."– Gawsia from Bangladesh

"I want you to know that I stumbled, by chance, upon your site and found it to be a wonderful, vivid way to travel without ever leaving home. I began working offshore at about the same time and have felt compelled to begin writing again. . ." – JB from Mississippi

"". . . as always I just LOVE reading your material. I have thoroughly enjoyed the book. . . I have read it going on 4 times now, and I get a different version every time, it is SO wonderful. . .I shared your book with my son's photography teacher and he said you have a way of putting things into certain perspective.  He really liked two parts of your book, and he asked if he can borrow the book.  " – Vi from Alberta

"Thanks for the note. I'm looking forward to my first copy of the PJ. You are doing a really fine job with your website. And I love your poetry. You have quite a talent. It's wonderful that you have so many books published!. . ." – Beth Ann from Ohio