The below poems appeared in the 2012 Christmas Issue


All the pictures on this page were taken during Christmas time at Williamsburg, Virginia

Let Go

Cease the struggling
.... with that beyond control.
Storms will come.
The sun will shine.
Night will turn into day.
For that is the cycle of life




Desperation consumes daily lives–
.... the yearning for love,
.... the fear of loneliness,
.... the endless search for happiness,
.... the desire for perfection–for meaning.
Hopeless searching
.... never finding.

Letting go.
Love of self and others.
Giving without reward.
Bring all one desires.



Hellos and Good byes

Life is filled
.... with an abundance
.... of greetings and farewells
.... .... ..from the first breath
.... .... .... welcomed by smiling parents
             ..to the tearful adieu
             ..for a life no longer
        . .from love entering
             . to its painful departure.
New jobs, new locations,
           friends past and present.
On and on the list goes.

All is impermanence.
The journey long but so brief.

Comments: Each poem speaks to what I believe are some eternal truths. None were meant to be downers in this Holiday Season. Instead, they were meant to cause contemplation.



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