One Fall Morning
Early morning
Preparing for my prayers
Mindlessly glancing
through laced curtains
Seeing but not seeing
the sunny outside below
Bright yellows and oranges
Suddenly explode into my thoughts
No longer oblivious
in my partitioned world
What was it that Kilmer said
about a poem and a tree?
We talk of miracles and mysteries
Of visions and spiritual rhapsodies
Standing before me not far away
Stood the tall attestation to all of these
The moments continued
Lost in my personal soliloquy
Thinking of the Infinite
Of life's meaning
Then my thoughts returned to the tree
A faint voice answered,
"Just simply be."
Comments: "Just simply be" is a reoccurring theme throughout much of my recent poetry. We spend so much time worrying about the future or regretting the past that we miss the present, the moment, the only time over which we really have any control.


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