Prayer Series One

Below are a series of prayers in poetic form that were given to a variety of individuals – some, in time of need and others, in celebration. They speak for themselves and require no explanation. – Bob


A Wedding Prayer

Today, two join hands and exchange vows
.....promising to love and cherish,
.....committing to live their lives together.
May the years turn into decades.

As they learn more about their love,
.....they will learn more about themselves.
May they grow from that knowledge.

Times will come to give in or compromise.
May each have that wisdom.

As the years pass and the children arrive,
.....they will be taught new meanings for love,
.....ones beyond present comprehension.
May that understanding reach their very core.

With the passing of time
.....may the sparks that brought them together
.....burn and become ever brighter,
.....each flame unique, but together bright light.

Comments: Erin and Patrick's wedding was a fine one indeed! This poem is a portion of the dinner prayer I publicly offered to the young couple.

Friends of Writer Fer Dumont
A Prayer for Venezuela

May the winds of peace
.....blanket your  land
.....spreading seeds
.....of love and understanding.

Let closed fists   
.....raised in anger
.....return to open arms   
.....that embrace one another.

For your land has seen enough
.....hatred and discontent.

Tis time that the bells of peace
.....resound so loudly,
.....that every beating heart
.....cannot ignore their plea.

May the winds of kindness blow gently,
Bathing you in joy and peace.
May familial fires burn brightly
Enfolding you in loving warmth.


May the winds of sorrow that touch us all
quickly pass you by.
May the pain that makes the heart now ache
become a distant cry.
For though the day may not be bright,
this one thing we surely know.
The sun will certainly shine again
providing its warm light.

A Christmas Day Prayer

On this Christian holy day
prayers are raised in petition.
So much to pray for! So much! So much!
News of war daily blacken TV screens
and scream across the headlines.
Many die in the name of the Creator
who weeps and asks, “Have you forgotten?
Blessed are the peacemakers.”
So much horror! So much sorrow!
Yet, deep within, the candlelight of hope still burns
that someday humankind will understand
the ultimate challenge,
“Love one another.”
That is my prayer
on this Christmas day.

May the Sandman
sprinkle gentle grains
that take you to far off lands
where only peace resides.

May the journey you walk
lead you to paths
where love and warmth
hold each hand.
May the smile that awaits
be all that you dreamed.

A Christmas Prayer (3)

O Creator, on this holy day
help us understand
that we are one people.

Color, culture, and all artificial barriers
are but illusions
separating those who cannot see.

As we, your children,
war and persecute
throughout this world of yours,
open our eyes
to see our brothers and sisters.

Help us understand
that we are to be
bread to the world,
feeding those
so they too might not hunger.

O Creator, open our hearts
to your eternal love,
allowing it to flow out
from each of us.

Comments: Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or none of the listed, this prayer is offered for all. (The '3' designates that this is the third Christmas Prayer offered since I started my newsletter six years ago.) It was offered for Christmas 2007.

Thoughts during
.......a Time of Meditation

The heart beats.
The River of Life flows.
Oxygen bestows its treasure
.....with each breath.
What gifts!
What pleasure!
.....This moment.
.....This now.

.....sitting, listening.
The music
.....flows within.
With each note, heart beats to the rhythm.
Oh peace,
.....I embrace you. 

So glad to be alive today!
What is the special occasion?
Clouds blot out the blue sky.
Rivulets of drizzle
.....trickle down the window panes.
The spring air
.....bares an unfriendly chill.
Yet, birds sing
.....and so does my soul. 

Comments: As indicated by the title, the drafts were written during some quiet morning moments. Those times are often precious.

The Chinese Cup Garden and Pavilion
Japanese Tea House

A Blessing

“May Peace surround you
.... with her protective veil,
.... blocking intrusions and heartache
.... that long to pull you down.
May joy flow in your veins
.... lifting spirits,
.... turning you into the gods and goddesses
.... you already are.

Comments: A version of this poem was written to a dearest friend a number of months ago. I thought it would be very fitting for this Holiday Issue.


A New Year's Prayer


May the winds of happiness and joy
.... surround you.
When sorrow arrives
.... may the love of others support you.
May we touch lives,
.... remembering that the atoms
.... we breathe contain the essence
.... of all who came before.
May your 2013 be filled
....with the peace of God's grace.

Holiday Greetings 2013

White powder covers
.... the once array
.... of reds, yellows, and oranges.
Tracks left by cross-country skiers
.... line the hillsides and trails
.... ridden and hiked
.... during days of warmth.
Majestic Mt. Timpanogos
.... is blanketed
.... for the long winter ahead.
At night,
.... the small community of Midway
.... glows with multicolored lights
.... beckoning all to have
.... .... A Merry Christmas
.... .... and a Happy New Year

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