Background: Trish is a store manager by trade but her love is writing. Since her early youth she has written poetry. Many of her poems touch on nature or the spiritual as evidenced by her submission below. She believes that poetry is avenue for her to express not only her thoughts but to touch other lives. If you would like to contact her, please forward your comments to Trish.
New Poem - Updated 7/2/02
The Birthday
I looked into everyone's eyes,

And a smile encased my heart in laughter.

Time is like a fleeting wind,

Softly brushing our lives – barely touching,

Almost unnoticed, then gone – the quietness settles in.

And not one of us can grasp that we have lived the longest in the past.

Sharing stories of childhood tales and hopes of future endeavors.

Today is such a celebration of life,

And tomorrow is only a dream.

Like yesterday was only a moment away.

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