Background: Background: Elizabeth is a retired school librarian from Plainfield, NJ where she set up and coordinated 10 elementary school libraries, hiring another librarian in each two schools to run a skills curriculum in research skills and literature. For fun, "I love reading and writing. Poetry... is truly a gift of mind and spirit, bringing peace, purpose and beauty to all who have a feeling for the magic of thought and language. It is a heritage to be shared with friends and family, expressing a rich view of life and the rewards of nature in the world around us. Creativity is a true blessing to be shared." (Elizabeth is now deceased.)
Winter Wildlife
by Elizabeth Morse
With the midwinter snow flakes falling
The grasses turning white,
Hundreds of Canadian geese clustered
Along the cove of Apple Valley Lake,
Honking and screeching,
A swelling chorus of dissonance,
As they sought food in the sediment.

Silently, two beautiful white swans swam into their midst,
Moving slowly along the water's edge.
A show of great dignity and beauty.
King and Queen of all they surveyed.
They found a haven between two great gatherings of geese.
They conversed with shrill comments.
And then progressed with grace toward open water.
Two floating marshmallows among the dark duck shapes.

All at once they welcomed with flapping wings,
Another large white bird paddling toward them.
Slowly, they met, acknowledging each other.
Three white feathery puff balls floating
Among the dark flocks of geese.
Then silently they moved on out of sight.
As mysteriously as they had come.
Shortly, with noisy trumpeting,
The geese took flight as well.
by Elizabeth, January 18, 2002
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