Background: Mike Gutridge is a filmmaker with a passion for poetry. His first short film, Loretta, was released in 2005. His feature film, The Bone Garden, is currently playing in film festivals around the country. Mike has written 11 screenplays and right now is in preproduction on his next film, Wood Floors. When not making movies, Mike is writing–everything from screen-plays, to short stories to poetry. His poetry book, Autumn Harvest: a Collection of Halloween Tales and Pumpkin Spirits is available on his website. After many years in Southern California, Mike currently resides in Pennsylvania with his wife, Katie, and their 3 young children. Contact Mike at
.................November Fog

The banks sat low and locked in; dense like my thoughts. Unmoving . . . like the impressive oaks they encased.

The drizzle was oddly reassuring. And the cold was not cold.

Surrounded by death, the leaves were almost mocking in their tremendous numbers. Too wet today to crunch; and, without that Autumn smell. The air,
still . . . but crisp.

The trees sang, as if praising the few leaves they held on to.

The river was biding with a force that only comes from wisdom. It rushed in one direction; never looking back. Always in the “now.”

And, as impressive as Mother Nature was on this day, all seemed meaningless in the midst of the Fog.

It did not roll. It did not move. It stayed and was subtly comforting. Like a warm glove. I smiled at its confidence. And, slightly, the Fog smiled back.

And winter did not creep. And summer did not weep. No thoughts to rise above, suddenly. Just the Fog. Strange, like a first time lover. Familiar, like an old friend.

I did not walk through it. Just stood there, silent. And the Fog and I enjoyed each others company.

And time stood still.

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