Background:John Lemon was born into an Air Force family. He has lived all over the world. When John retired from the military, he went on an LDS mission, attended college, joined the Peace Corps where he sent 2 years in the Niger Republic. He also has taught and worked security. Much of his writing focuses on his life experiences. He has written numerous poems, short stories, and longer works. John's email. A link to his extensive works.
........................ Senses

What do you see?
I see a doe running through the forest,
Freshly fallen snow on a cold winter’s morning.
A small child hugging his mama.
What do you hear?
I hear a robin singing in the trees.
Spring rain falling in the streets.
A wee babe cooing in his mama’s arms.
What do you smell?
I smell the sweet perfume of a mountain flower.
The scent of clean air after an April shower.
The essence of her long, dark hair
As she lays her head on my shoulder.
What are you touching?
I touch the delicate petals of a tiny daisy
Growing on a steep mountainside.
A father’s large callused but gentle hand,
Walking hand in hand with his admiring son.
The soft cheeks of my love, kissed by the crisp, cool air
Of a misty, autumn morning.
What do you feel?
I feel the colors of the rainbow.
The peaceful sound and smells of a mountain meadow.
The heartbeat of a child, the joy of a parent
The passions of love, faith in God, hope in life.

*I wrote this after we went to North Zion by Parowan. I had just come off deployment and had 8 days of leave. My son and I found a small stream of water. As we hiked, the idea for this poem evovled.

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