The Reunion

I know not Josh but know he is loved

Waiting for our departure from Portland

a crowd descends upon the gate

Cameras ready, recording the moments

signs declaring the approaching arrival

of someone long missed

Excitement builds as All wonder

who this person of fame is

Anticipation escalates as family and relatives

block the arrival gate

each anxious to catch the first glimpse

Again, I ask myself, "Who is this Josh?"

All now watching this scene unfold

Josh finally emerges - tall, young, and lean

dressed in the suit of a returned missionary

After many hugs and some tears

the human drama moves on

We board our plane

Somehow moved because Josh returned

Comments: Airports always fascinate me. I love to people watch and observe. To understand this poem fully, you must imagine a packed airport with almost every seat taken at the gate. Suddenly, this throng descends upon the gate approximately 15 minutes before the plane arrival - one that we planned to board. The noise, the excitement, the anticipation began to envelop all of us. My wife, son, and I talked about who Josh must be - the signs indicating his name. We thought he must be someone famous from the area, perhaps an athlete. Much to our surprise, we saw this quiet young man, somewhat dazed by all the attention, come off the plane and be consumed by the waiting greeters. Just as quickly as the throng descended upon the gate, it disappeared with much hugging, tears, and joys. I was very moved by this momentary human drama in which I played the unknown observer.



Basic Instincts

Hunger consumes me

Thirst drives me

So long since I've eaten

So long since I drank

The wind blows

slowing my progress

changing my direction

"I must find food soon

or death awaits me."

"Why must I suffer so?"

Hunger and thirst

control my destiny

"Ah, there, off in the distance

not too far!"

"If only I can make it

against the biting wind

and this blistering heat."

Both my needs

soon to be filled

"Oh, the glorious taste of nectar,

the sustainer of life"

"My life will continue!"


"Those damn mosquitoes!"

 Comments: What can I say? I had a lot of fun with this poem. We all face struggles, even the smallest creatures. Likewise, how often we savor victory only soon to suffer defeat.

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