Over the ledge far below me brilliance explodes.
    Colors and tones indescribable, only experiential.
    Greens and blues so brilliant
    Causing my eyes to avert.
    Senses overwhelmed with jubilance.
    'Other worldly' and 'mystical' but feeble descriptors.
    The chasm between the observed and observer
    Far beyond reach.
    Almost like viewing Mother Earth from afar
    Yet even more ethereal and magnificent.
    This visit but a brief moment in cosmic time.

    Suddenly, returning, running, gliding through green pastures.
    Awestruck by the green intensity of the leaves
    That silently emanate a feeling of peace.
    "What is this wind that so lovingly caresses?"
    "Where is everyone?"
    "I am all alone."
    "Is this the valley of the Shadow of Death?"
    "But, I never want to leave this Shangri-La."

    Awakening, trying to determine the real from the surreal.
    "What has happened?"
    "What was experienced?"
    "What a gift was bestowed!"
    Seeing sights beyond mortal eyes.
    Somehow wishing to return again and again to the Dream.
    Surely, this was a glimpse of Paradise.


Comments: We all dream and often soon forget what we saw, heard, or did. In our culture dreams are seldom considered of much import contrary to many cultures where they are sometimes considered prognosticators of the future. We even sometimes blame the dream content on what we ate the night before. But the dream described above left a deep, intense impression on my mind. Somehow, it was different than others I have had before. This poem makes a feeble effort to capture what I saw and experienced. It was so real and …. (I created the accompanying images in an effort to help readers visualize this strange intense experience.)
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