Nature and Things Series I
I am the Wind
Invisible to all
But you know me.

When the day is hot and long
You bless me when I come to visit.
When the earth is scorched dry
You thank me when I carry the rains.
When my fury increases
You curse me for the sorrow I bring.

I am the Wind
Traveling the world
Seeing sites most wondrous
Providing gentle breezes and driving forces
Against God and Man's greatest wonders.
Eventually wearing them to oblivion.
I am the wind
Bearing smells and scents
The pleasant and the unpleasant
"Who has not enjoyed the fragrances
of Fall and Spring?"
Gifts I deliver to you

For I am the wind
Invisible to all
Unfettered and free

Comments: Like many things in life, the wind can be a blessing or a curse, depending on the circumstances. This poem and the one that follows contrast the extremes. I enjoyed writing both. In a sense, they were a breeze.

Atop the Tree
High in the trees safe from all
A boy ponders the landscape far below.
Feeling like king of the mountain
Invincible and tall.

The nearby jittery sparrow
Evades the interloper to her leafy home.
Below the minuscule walk
Oblivious to the eyes that follow from above.

Rooftops no longer daunting
Nor the place called home quite as lofty.
The risk of falling and the scent of danger
Raise the adrenaline and the sense of fear.

But the risk makes the climb divine
As the king looks out on the kingdom below.

Not a little boy but a big boy atop the canopy in Costa Rica
Comments: As a boy I often sought refuge high in the trees where I dreamed great adventures. The treetops were often a place of respite.
Small Things
A breeze cools
Turning warmth into pleasant
Caressing with gentle touches
Sending pleasures within.
Bask in such small things
For they are the definers of life.
Simple Things
Standing on a nondescript corner
Waiting for the light
The ocean and beach
Easily within sight.

The fragrances of roses
Gently drifted in.
Causing my thoughts
Quickly to upend.

Amazing how such exquisite scents
Can lure such wonder
To our senses.

Ironically, life often brings
The greatest pleasures
From the simple things.
Comments: A few weeks ago, the sky was clear and the walk rather uncrowded as I neared the beach on the boundary between Marina del Rey and Venice Beach, California. As I waited for the light, the smell of roses waffled into my thoughts. I turned around trying to determine from where the scents were coming. Right behind me was a floral shop with its doors open. I thanked the Creator for that momentary gift that suddenly made the sky bluer and the day brighter
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