Look into the Crystal
See the Colors of Life
Behold the greens that
.....bring thoughts of spring
See the yellow, the Sun,
.....the source of life
Gaze at the blue, the Sea
.....which reminds of eternity
Peer into the Center
See the red, the hue of passion
.....and Love, the Core of Life

When life seems to treat you wrong
.....and sorrow appears just around the corner
Look into the Crystal
Remember the Colors of Life

When the world appears at your feet
.....and you can do no wrong
Look into the Crystal
Bathe in the Colors of Life

Just like the Crystal
.....when viewed from afar
The Colors of Life do simply not appear
Only as you look deeply
.....into the Crystal
Do those beautiful colors
.....once again seem near

Please try to remember
.....if nothing else
The Crystal like Life
.....teaches lessons too
Break one corner
.....the reflection no longer true
Treat both right and you shall see
Those beautiful Colors of Life
.....will set you free

Comments: I wrote this in 1985 to a very special person. This poem could have also been placed under Eternal Questions. There are many interpretations regarding the deeper meaning of these words. I will leave those to the reader. However, I will give one disclaimer. This poem was written long before I became aware of New Age thinking so don't tie it to that genre.

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