Pictures courtesy of L.A. Traffic cam

Lined up for the BIG race! A brave soul trying to beat the odds.
They are off!
Please God, let me make it!
L.A. Traffic

The incessant noise

along every thoroughfare.
Honk, honk at the slightest delay.
Andrettis, male and female
Revving their engines at the gate.
Each jockeying for their starting place.
Zoom! Off they go toward the next light.
Soon coming to screeching halts
A few dashing through on red.

Pedestrians racing

madly across the track
Trying to beat the shorten lights
And the rapidly approaching countdown.
"Leap! The race has started."

Comments: Los Angeles traffic is infamous. Having recently returned from there, I was again glad that I did not have to fight it daily. As I watched cars jockeying and maneuvering to gain that one car length, I laughingly wrote the above poem. For the nonracers in the group, Mario Andretti and his sons are famous racecar drivers.


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