The Homeless House
The vines enwrap the house
That was once a home,
Wisps of fog
Enter uninvited the glassless windows
Where no one longer peers out.
Bare wood exposed
Which paint one time shielded.
Dirt now blankets
Once spic and span floors.
Only ghosts of the past
and their unknown stories remain.
Comments: On the way to work, I pass a dilapidated empty house (Picture on the right) long since turned over to nature's forces. One day as I passed, the poem began to form and the question, "Who once lived there?"

Days Like This
Seeing friends from long ago
For one, almost 40 years have passed
Joking that we sit here
Middle aged men
All 'Sirs' to the servers
Talking of life's changes
And surprises
I love days like this!

Sitting on the beach
Along Lake Erie
Early morning
Before others rise
Watching gulls nonchalantly strolling by
Quietly soaking in the beauty
Contemplating Creation
And the gifts given
I love days like this!

On the trail
The blades gliding
The sweat building
The muscles stretching
Giving all they have
Exhilaration fills the body
I love days like this!

Heading to see a friend in need
He feeling low because of the cards dealt
Taking time to listen
Sharing thoughts that bind us
I love days like this!
Comments: Several weeks ago I met with some high school friends I had not seen for years, one for almost 40 years. While we were in many ways strangers, we enjoyed discussing those ties that once bound us together. We also caught up on major life events. After departing, I stayed with my sister-in-law and her husband in a rented cottage on Lake Erie. On the way home I saw another friend and concluded the day by blading. What a fun-filled time I had! Really, isn't the celebration of relationships what a joyous life is really about?
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