Have you ever thought of barriers?
Safeguards to keep the wanted in and the unwanted out
But in Love they sometimes do the opposite
Fear is such a one
Fearing the vulnerability of someone knowing us too well
Thinking we are unworthy
The hesitancy to allow someone to touch the spot deep within
Fearing the biting cold of their withdrawal
Some spend their lives insulating their feelings
Always self-protecting, never really caring
Never really loving, never really being loved
Barriers, their protection
Barriers, their loss

Comments: Somehow we never want to be hurt. We prefer barriers of protection over taking the risk to gain happiness. This poem was written regarding romantic love but really speaks to all human interactions. We all know individuals who have so many levels of protection that we never truly know who they really are. Ironically, many of them actually believe that we don't see their facades, their fears, and, yes, their sadness.


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