A Glimpse

We are capable of so much.
Yet grasp so little.
Consumed by greed and ego
Both miniscule in the greater scheme
What did all these mean to Titanic's drowning victims?
As the frigid waters enveloped their shivering bodies
Did they cry for one more drink or one more shilling?
Perhaps they came face-to-face with the ultimate fragileness
Promising anything
Craving more time

A hundred years later, we have learned little.
Devouring time even faster with precious nothings
As if it lasts forever.
So frivolous with each other's feelings.
Grasping and clawing our way

Having glimpsed the other side
Not so long ago
Knowing we are capable of so much
Sensing what we can become
How does one tell others?
Yell from the towers?
Or, perhaps, by living the moment
Our only guarantee

Alas, despite my knowing
I am not unlike others
The immortal mortal
Craving more moments
Craving more time.


Comments: This poem was written a year after I nearly left this physical life. It speaks of the fragility of life and the frivolous use of time. When a dear friend of mine read the poem, her first reaction was that it is "too depressing." To me quite the contrary. I am really speaking of hope and what we can become. The poem also infers that there is more than just this mortal life - we are immortal beings in mortal bodies. In our culture, physical death is seldom discussed. It is the reality we all face. I would be interested in hearing your reactions to this poem's content.


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