My Trip

    How I dreaded this journey

    So many years of thinking and planning
    Making sure the trip would go just right

    Listening to descriptions
    Of what the trip will be

    Have I done this?
    Did I remember that?

    Many times fearful
    Other times tearful

    The day of departure
    Came unknown to me

    I simply stepped over
    My trip complete


Comments: The trip I discuss is really one we all take, one we all fret over at times. Perhaps, death is simply stepping over. In many ways, our culture despises death, prolonging physical life at all costs. As a person of faith, I see death as part of the eternal cycle or plan. Yes, perhaps in a way, a gift we have all been given.


The Dominatrix

      Fate glides through time with her destiny sash
      No one escaping her caress or lash.
      A mistress to no one this dominatrix
      Delivering parcels often filled with tricks.
      Sometimes requiring one to sign
      Usually with blood or similar kind.
      Fate cackles loudly when someone claims,
      "I am master of my fate I do proclaim."
      She laughs at the fool as she swiftly swoops in
      Setting the record straight for all to comprehend.
      So next time a near miss occurs dear friend
      Thank Fate for the gift you've just been given.
      For no one is ever really exempt you see
      Until the day Fate sets you free.


Comments: A PG-13 lighted-hearted view of fate. Sometimes, fate seems to be the ultimate dominatrix.


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