The Mosaic
While the Puzzle Master observes,
The Seekers wander
Trying to find truth.

Some remembering the past
Analyzing the moments
And piecing together the future.

An infinite jigsaw
With pieces that can interconnect
In infinite ways.

Fitting here.
Fitting there.

The questions remain,
Will the unfinished
Mosaic form beautiful pictures
Of eternal blue seas, bright skies,
And everlasting abundance?

Or, will the finished puzzle
Cast dark shadows of
Trials, tribulations,
Barren land as far as one can see,
Dirty faces marked with
The traces of tears?

Most only see fractional –
The few pieces –
Wondering how they
Fit into the whole.

Some cast theirs
Hoping somehow
They will magically connect.

Others meticulously strive
Desiring and needing a sense of completion.
Yet, they become lost in the confusion
Of ultimate meaninglessness.

Some perceive the Puzzle Maker’s dream
Beginning to form the exquisite mosaic.
But are there enough?
That question, still unanswered.
Comments: Sometimes life feels like a jigsaw puzzle, so many options and choices. Obviously, some appear to be doing better at putting the puzzle together than others. But the poem also addresses the interconnectivity of our actions. Each affects the other. Thus, the poem is speaking of individual and group journeys and ultimate effects.


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