The Goddess

    Getting ready to listen to Siegel and Weil
    A goddess sat next to me
    Not your supernatural variety mind you
    but nevertheless, one indeed
    I know not why I give this claim
    to someone who appeared so briefly
    Perhaps it was the black dress
    hanging loosely on her form that intrigued me
    Or the slightly swollen ankle with the ice pack
    that created a sense of empathy
    Or the timeless face that spoke
    not only of beauty but understanding
    Speaking, she brought me out of my cocoon
    grateful that someone knew I was here
    Kaye was her name, I think
    A voice filled with a melody,
    singing of richness and comfort
    In our brief banter my fantasies worked
    ridiculous for a man my age

    Her shoulder accidentally brushed mine
    momentarily shocking my senses
    I wanted to reach out
    sensing we had much to share
    Alas, the speakers started and
    our conversation ended
    Later, standing up to leave,
    I bid good-bye - wishing her a quick recovery
    How could this goddess impact me so?
    Middle-age dementia? Perhaps, I don't know.
    N'ertheless, like the Greeks of old
    I believe that's exactly what goddesses
    are suppose to do!

Comments: I was at a conference in Austin, Texas for three days. While there were over 900 people in attendance, the vast majority female, I was not able to establish a conversation of any length with either sex. Besides attending meetings I spent much of the time on my own. On the very last day of the conference in the very last session I was attending before taking my flight home, I was seated a few chairs in with plenty of empty seats around me. I was lost in my inner thoughts. Suddenly, like magic, this woman appeared and sat next to me. She explained that a bee had stung her earlier in the morning while working in her yard and that she wanted to keep it elevated on the chair beside her. She also mentioned that she worked occasionally for the organization sponsoring the conference. I was so appreciative of this human contact that this poem evolved almost simultaneously with our conversation. As an added note, you may wonder why it is under Beauty rather than Life. Simply, the experience was one of those unique, beautiful ones that all too rarely come a long. These experiences leave lasting impressions despite their brevity of time. I hope each of you have had similar experiences.


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