God Speaking
Seated in meditation
I wanted quiet
How else could I hear
What God had to say?
Instead the birds
outside the window
Incessantly sang their songs
No matter how I tried
I could not ignore their melody
Then in a sudden epiphany
I comprehended
God was speaking to me
Comments: This morning, the experience described in the poem occurred. Like the songs of the birds, the words to this poem also came unasked. I immediately sat down to write it.
The Sanctuary
On the road to sanctuary
Behind my home a tree-lined field lies
A sanctuary where I can jog and walk, and do the Dance of Tai Chi
Hidden from unwanted prying eyes
A place where yellow finches play
And the mind can wander aimlessly
The distance from home
So close yet so far
Comments: Recently, I decided it was time to lose some weight so I started a daily walking, jogging, and Tai Chi program. The problem was that I didn't want the neighborhood observing this new regime. One morning, I decided to head down the unpaved lane less than 100 yards from my home. I found my sanctuary.
Ibid. Sanctuary
Purple clover blowing in the cool morning breeze

Dashes of yellow here and there

My mind at peace

Comments: On one of my walks-jogs to Sanctuary I became acutely aware of the abundance of clover along the path with an occasional dash of yellow. This small sense of awareness suddenly filled me with contentment
Addendum: These poems fit into other categories including Eternal Truths and Life. Because of the beauty of the experience, they are here.
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