The Unending Battle
Amazons and Titans waging the eternal war

Each marking territory, claiming this for their own

Each declaring superior traits to that of the other

Amazons proclaiming, "Superior power is ours! We are the caregivers and nurturers of the race."

Titans retort, "Without us, where would we be? No problem is too big for us to conquer."

On and on the rhetoric goes

The gods above look down on the human race

Smiling and chuckling at our ridiculous state.

"My children, don't you know that each was given their traits.

None superior to the other, each part of one's fate."

The Amazons and Titans too consumed in their wars

Oblivious to one complementing the other

The rhetoric builds and the battle lines drawn

Each side determined to win this eternal war.

The gods begin to weep

Wondering where they've gone wrong

"Can't they see the senselessness of this nonwinnable dissension?"

The Amazons and Titans ignore the noble question

Each exclaiming, "Onward to war! We have many battles to win."

Amazons and Titans waging the eternal war


Comments: One could argue that the Battle of the Sexes has been ongoing since time immemorial. As with most wars, the issue is power. If this war ever ends with a shared-peace, the ultimate benefactor will be the human race. Based on recent observations, I fear we have many miles to go before peace exists. Frankly, it will happen two people at a time.


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